by Texas Stready

One day last week I woke up and my mind was racing.

  • Seems like I never talk to my oldest son.
  • How will I sell all these dang books?
  • Wonder if I’ll be single forever?
  • What will I do if my car can’t be fixed?

The questions kept coming but the answers were nowhere to be found.

The next round went something like this.

  • Is this always going to happen?
  • I thought this new life meant I’d never go through freak-out again.
  • What does God expect?
  • Aren’t I doing things right?

Ever run into these type questions? They don’t exactly bring on fluffy feelings, do they?

Feelings Are Temporary

For 90% of my life, 90% of my life was run by emotions. Perilous practice. It took some serious anarchy, but I finally overthrew that old mental government by accepting the fact that feelings come and go. They can’t do anything alone. Although they can stir things up a bit, they only possess the power I give them.

Consider this: depression is closing in on every side and then someone walks up to you and hands you ten $1,000 bills. How would you feel? That’s not to imply that money fixes things. It’s to show that circumstances alter and emotions follow suit. They’re much too shaky to build a strong foundation on. They can’t be trusted.

We must learn to do what we know is right no matter how it feels. Can’t help but think of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, begging God to allow Him to skip the crucifixion. But as we continue to read, His next move proves what He really believes about the Father. Our Savior ignored His feelings and simply submitted. (Luke 22:42) It was as if He said, “I’ll be okay. These are just My feelings.”

The Journey

Although we often feel we’re spinning our wheels in life’s proverbial mud, believe it or not we’re headed somewhere. Whether our destination ends as good or bad depends on our trust target.

Like it or not, you’re trusting in something. Self? Circumstances? Relationships? Christ? You get to choose—but what you choose, most definitely, dictates where you wind up.

Getting there does not require we know the way, what we need is an adventurous and confident heart. When our stability is found in Christ, this mindset is simple to gain. If not…you finish the sentence. Conclusions differ—but every successful expedition is charted by guidance from the right Source.

Is Freak-Out Frivolous?

Ever wonder why God gave us emotions in the first place? I do. Most often when I’m feeling the negative ones. As best I can tell, it’s part of the order of things. Can’t have the pros without the cons. Good means nothing if it can’t be compared to bad.

Although freaking-out never seems to get us anywhere, I do believe we must give ourselves permission to do it. The ever-evolving, multi-faceted, intensely dramatic world around us is absolutely mo .re than we can handle. If you don’t lose it on occasion, then nothing about you’s authentic

Only you have the power to get real with God—so do it—cause healthy relationship demands authenticity.

God Can Handle It

When will we believe that God is “all that.” Read the descriptions of Him in scripture and you’ll see—there’s nothing He doesn’t know or can’t do. Can you name someone or something that can top that? No!

God can handle our emotions. He knows how they work, He gave them to us. We’ve also been given an invitation into personal relationship with Him. He notices what matters to us and cherishes our feelings. (Psalm 56:8)

How do we get from here to there without an occasional freak-out? We don’t. Living in sincere unity with Christ requires we share all our thoughts and feelings with Him, and freaking-out is part of being human. It reminds us of our need for a Higher Power. Besides, the God I’ve come to know understands freak-out—and has no problem with it—as long as we don’t stay in that state.


  1. Keepin’ it real Texas. Awesome. Can’t wait to hear your Testimony when God gives you a new ride. Be blessed.

  2. Well said, Texas. Thanks for giving us permission to be human without fear of God’s eternal rejection.

  3. Thank you Texas, what joy and encouragement your writing’s bring to my heart! They always seem to help direct me back to the right attitude of thinking. I praise God for you!

  4. Everything begins with a thought and then we have an emotion. Those pesky emotions can certainly be our undoing. We have the ability to control how we are going to react to our circumstances. Thanks for giving us perspective and strategies.

  5. Texas, this post has such a wonderful air of authenticity. You’ve lived it and found freedom in acceptance of God’s sufficiency for all we suffer. No “what if” can ever change what you’ve found to be true. Thank you! Sharing this excellent message with my friends today….

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