by Texas Stready

Sunday I got up at 3 AM. Most of the time I make it till 5:30, but on occasion my 3 o’clock potty call begins a sleep-repelling process of over-analyzation that keeps me from returning to Neverland.

After church I kick back on my bed to shuffle through my mental notes of the morning service and I’m gone. Fast asleep.

“Surprise!” wakes me and I open my eyes—not sure where I am—or how my daughter got there. Had no clue she was coming to spend Memorial Day weekend with me.

“What’s going on?” I ask. “What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be here?” My questions take a subtle shift from uncertainty to rebellion, as I hunt for explanation.

Settle Down

Changes are often unexpected surprises that creep up on us, and peaceful compliance isn’t exactly a natural response to them. Feeling uncertain is jarring, as if taking off from a bumpy airstrip. But rebellion brings danger—like a bomb-carrying terrorist’s on your flight.

No one would purposefully climb aboard and aircraft knowing there’s inevitable danger sitting in front of them. So tell me, why do we get so frustrated when delays occur during the process of securing our plane? Doesn’t make much sense. Still, it happens. Often.

Process Has Purpose

Waiting requires patience. Everything’s not meant to happen now. Scripture informs us that life runs on a timetable (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). We don’t get the entire picture, so we must learn to rest with confidence in the perfect provision of our all-seeing God.

Having a hard time finding the strength to submit?

Try this. Consider what happens to a small child who rushes into oncoming traffic. A brutal picture, but a great way to establish appreciation for the necessary process of looking both ways before you cross the street.

Impatience Slows Things Down

Sure feels like water won’t boil when you’re watching, but if you step away from the stove for too long, before you know it, you’ll be missing an inch of water due to rapid boil.

What do these two scenarios tell us?

That staying aware of what’s happening is just as important as allowing it to happen. Faith is a gift that permits you to relax into the process long enough for the miracle to take place.

Don’t Miss Out

To publish my book I had to ask for donations (no fun), and then wait for responses (less fun). My largest contributions came from totally unexpected sources. This taught me that God’s way is both unexplainable and unsurpassed.

True peace originates in the heart, not the head.

The thing that brought me the most pleasure during this season was seeing God do His work, His way, in His time. It was a trust-builder that expanded my view of His love for me.

Celebrating what we know, instead of dreading what we don’t, distracts us long enough to get the bubbles rolling, shall we say. Why? Because we’re focused on God’s grace instead of our own ability.

Faith Propels You Forward

Walking in spiritual maturity insists we grow up in our willingness to trust. Our Savior has more for us than we could ever imagine (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Receiving the gifts of God requires we submit to His process. This makes it necessary for us to enter the place of peace He’s established for us. The Holy Spirit’s an educated guide. Personal interaction with Him enables us to have unwavering peace in the most rowdy of circumstances.

Enjoy It All

[box] A life of purpose is full of new construction, and every worksite requires adjustments. Process accomplishes two things:

1) Takes us through the steps of getting the job done.

2) Awards us unspeakable treasures that can’t be discovered by any other means.[/box]

The kingdom we inhabit doesn’t operate by the wave of a magic wand. So what does it take to get good at a life without fixed results? Learn to enjoy the process—that’s the answer.

I can’t promise the conclusions you want, but I can tell you this: Despising the process will rob you of the beautiful outcome you’re meant to enjoy.


  1. Boy, is that a timely topic for the world in which we live today. When I was kid and went on a family trip, dad was focused on one thing…getting from point A to point B. I remember thinking, “when I grow up, I’m gonna take my time and not miss all the neat stuff along the way.” I wanted to enjoy the journey. My daily prayer now is to “abide” (stay close), “trust” (rely upon) and “wait” on Him in our relationship. The “wait” definition I’ve come to love is the opposite of standing still. It is: to serve expectantly…keep moving in the direction He’s pointed us, but slow down and enjoy the process, because that’s what our journey with Him is all about. Thanks again, Texas, for your practical, biblical insights.

  2. I love this. More and more I am the passenger and not the driver. Of course very difficult for me but the rewards are so rich. If I look at all the end results and remember what I wanted to happen vs what God allowed or orchestrated to happen, I realize God’s way is WAY better! Keep writing and encouraging us.

  3. A timely message that we all need to heed in order to have peace in both our hearts and mind. Thanks for sharing, Sue

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