A Radical Difference

What’s up! I’m pumped you took a minute to cruise this site. A Radical Difference is meant to be a place where you can find your chill, no matter what kinda chaos is knocking at the door.

Life’s hectic, I know. The day-to-day grind gets intense. If you’re not careful, circumstances will beat you down. But, there’s a way out. Think differently—that’s all it takes.

I’m not trivializing. Series of actions produce life patterns and what we do is birthed from what we think. No worries though, I got you. Together we can reverse the downward spiral of wrong thinking you feel caught in.

Believe me, I know what stuck feels like. That’s why helping you understand how to achieve something different rocks me like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Fantastic! And I’m not the only one who likes it. God loves to do what others say can’t be done. He longs to be the guide, coach, and partner you need.

Join the RAD Crew by subscribing today. Then, if you need me, I’m right here. I vlog at least once a week for the purpose of sharing what I’m discovering. There are Freebies to download, a Store where you can order books, and a Contact page to get in touch.

Today’s different. Radically different. And we can enjoy it together, choice by choice—moment to astonishing moment.

A Radical Difference

A Radical Difference is an independent, non-profit corporation based in Lake Placid, Florida. It is the umbrella organization for Texas A. Stready. Its overall vision is to restore individuals to their significance and unveil their God-given dreams. We are here to bring illumination, with relevant resources that prove change IS possible.


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