A Radical Difference

We have issues—all of us—so our need for change is constant.

But often we get stuck.

A Radical Difference is a group of people who are done with stuck. We want fresh concepts and new possibilities. Positive, productive, and simple adjustments, that bring contentment, excitement, and purpose.

Being hooked on anything bites. I know, because I was strung out on every kind of drug you can imagine for almost three decades. Living this way for so long twisted all my life concepts, and being different required I get good at change. So I did.

No matter what you’re trapped in there’s a way out, and it’s nowhere near as painful or difficult as it seems. Stop listening to any voice that’s telling you that. It’s a lie.

Helping you understand how to achieve new life rocks me like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and I’m not the only one. God loves to do what others say can’t be done. He’s the best guide, coach, and partner you can have. For real.

Join the RAD Crew today by subscribing to this site. Then you’ll get notice of my Vlog. It’s only a few minutes long and includes a useful takeaway. There are Freebies to download, a Store to order books, and an Events page to see when I’m near you or how to book an event.

Don’t let the thought of change overwhelm you, one small shift is all it takes to make A Radical Difference.

A Radical Difference

A Radical Difference is an independent 501(c)(3) based in Lake Placid, Florida. It is the umbrella organization for Texas A. Stready. Its overall vision is to restore individuals to their significance and unveil their God-given dreams. We are here to bring illumination, with relevant resources that prove change IS possible.


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