…the change that changes everything

The path to freedom starts with one small shift

A Radical Difference is a group of people who are done with stuck. We want fresh concepts and new possibilities. Positive, productive, and simple adjustments that bring us into a place of contentment, excitement, and purpose.

Transformation is nowhere near as painful or difficult as it seems. Stop listening to that lie. The undeniable, all-powerful God of the Universe loves you intensely. Not only that, He loves to do what others say can’t be done. He’s the best guide, coach, and partner you can ever have.

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Deep in the Heart of Texas...A memoir

“My name is Texas and this is my story. The daughter of a Southern Baptist pastor, I ran away from home when I was 17. For 28 years I traveled a path that took me to places from which few return. Unhealthy relationships and unbridled lusts corrupted my view of freedom and left me cornered in addiction—financed by crafty manipulation and drug dealing. My tainted knowledge of love and polluted desire for escape kept me on a treacherous treadmill that continually fed the heartache of those I loved. But, through it all, the One who loved me unconditionally remained. This is my unvarnished account of the years I spent running and what brought that season to it’s redeeming end.”


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