by Texas Stready

I was given a car last week. It’s not brand-new, but it’s new to me. The finest of luxury automobiles. It’s appearance and running condition are impeccable—something you could easily take pride in. Yep, it’s the red Caddy in the picture above. Wow! Ain’t God grand?

So many emotions.

  1. Gratitude—words can’t express.
  2. Unworthiness—I don’t deserve this.
  3. Disbelief—is this real?
  4. Excitement—it is, it is!
  5. Fear—what if I get in an accident?

Most of the feelings are good ones, but as usual, somewhere below the surface pride slithers around waiting to strike. This sneaky little reptile is a fabulous masquerade artist. Stay alert, although she enters the room with a mesmerizing air, she leaves the ominous oder of self-righteousness in her wake.

Smell possesses an acute ability to bring back memories. Pride’s scent is sharp, yet so sweet it almost gags you. Discipline yourself to remember this fragrance, then recall will become an active anti-venom that can keep you from the repercussions of her poison.

A Fine Line

Many times in life I’ve asked myself, “Do you have any shame at all?” Funny question, because an honest look into my choices reveals shame to be what’s prompted me most. Now that my life is different, I have to be aware of what motivates me in the other direction. Pride or dignity?

  • Pride – a deep satisfaction from one’s own achievements.
  • Dignity – the quality or state of being worthy.

Which cup are you drinking from? One gets you drunk and the other keeps you hydrated. The most noticeable difference between these two descriptive words is: the first comes from doing and the second from being.


I got what felt like a random call last week asking, “Mom, how much money should I ask for at this new job?” No matter how old they get, children long for guidance. Lucky for us our Father knows and loves this about us. No wonder He refers to us as His children. Left to our own devices we’re immature and ineffective.

How many failed attempts at successful finances, marriages, friendships, or ministry opportunities must we have to identify the fact that we’re incapable of producing any good thing in our own strength? It would do us good to follow the life map our all-knowing Heavenly Father has given us. The Bible.

Numbering our faults is not the remedy; recognizing our need for spiritual assistance—that’s the answer. The Holy Spirit is with us. He’s our helper. The best teacher, coach, or guidance counselor a student could ever hope to be blessed with.

Let it Shine

There are many times on this journey through life when we arrive at a fork in the road. Our God is no dictator and so we have choices. This is why keeping our spiritual wires clean, and properly connected to the appropriate source, determines how well our lives run.

Maybe you don’t know me personally, so let me tell you, my three children are mixed. This makes the racial issues in our country hit closer to home for me. Although I fully understand the term Black Pride. I purposed to be the kind of mother who taught my children Black Dignity instead. The reason for my change in terminology is this: pride is forced, dignity just is.

Clean It Up

No one wants to be around someone who’s full of themselves. Still, pride comes naturally to us. Interestingly enough, we possess the power it takes to alter our thinking patterns, and a different thought produces a different action. This fact makes shunning pride as easy as looking at the situation with a new view.

I don’t know about you, but I long to be someone who sees things accurately and responds appropriately. We are powerless over thousands of things in this world, but we are the only living beings who possess the power to choose what we believe.

The way we put pride to the side, is by accepting how little we know. This requires we listen to alternative perspectives. We don’t have to agree with others to be Christlike, but Christ never argued His point. Having influence requires we respect people’s right to choose. If assisting another doesn’t matter to you, guess what, pride hasn’t just bitten you, it’s swallowed you alive. Yikes!



  2. Love this timely word, Texas !
    Thank you and so super thrilled for you going in with the Bill Glass team !

  3. Your dad is so proud of you. How in the world did I get such an intelligent daughter? I sure do love you.

  4. Wonderful piece, Texas. I think you’ve chosen the antidote to pride – gratitude – in responding to His goodness…the very best place your heart can be!

    • I am so overwhelmed by today’s blog. First of all, THE CAR! WOW! God does desire good gifts for His children. But your words have so much maturity it made me smile. You have grown in such wisdom. I especially like today’s gems.

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