Help us bring transformation to people who seek to live differently. All sin has the same goal—destruction. This ministry is centered around reconstruction. When vision and purpose have departed, our minds automatically reach out for another way. We want to be the people available at the end of the rope because that’s the only time when change is probable. This valued position allows us to lead folks down the path of fulfillment and straight into their destiny.

Your donation to A Radical Difference affords us the opportunity to get connected to people. God is not far above the earth tapping His watch and wondering how long it will take us to get it right. He is ridiculously kind and perfectly patient, and that’s who He’s called us to be. Our crew exists for the purpose of sharing God’s heart, God’s provision, and God’s enthusiasm for life. We want to prove to people that freedom’s still possible, no matter how long they’ve been trapped.

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