1. Texas,

    Great interview!
    I’m so impressed with how clearly and concisely you conveyed the word’s God gave you to share.

    Love you, Faye

  2. Texas, I loved this! So many encouraging things we can all do to improve our relationship with God AND with ourselves and others! I especially absorbed the path to change. Reality; conviction; praying for strength to stand firm against it with Holy Spirits strength! Love you my friend!

  3. Texas I am so proud to call you a my friend, your transformation is so amazing and I love sharing your words with the students and clients I work with! Your story is so inspiring!!! GREAT interview!!! Continue shining bright you ARE a light that others see as a beacon! AMEN!

  4. Texas your transformation from out of the ashes is a beautiful testimony of Gods love and redemption. Absolutely amazing. You aren’t even the same person. You have become a magnet for those who are lost….showing them the direction to a life that has so much more value….giving them a relationship instead of a religion. I think of you as a light house with a strong beacon restoring Godly direction to people who are in a storm heading towards the rocks. Impressive. Great interview.

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