W.O.D. Prophecy

G.O.D. Rejoice in the fact that I have given some the gift of prophecy. I am able to speak to you through those around you but you must be careful to test everything you here and be sure that it comes from Me. What I say never goes against My Word and it is always full of power. I speak life not death and blessing instead of cursing. This is a time in which I have chosen to reveal My presence to you in a more profound way, but only you have the authority to put the past behind you and move into this new season.

S.O.D. 2 Peter 1:20-21 VOICE – But notice first that no prophecy found in Scripture is a matter of the prophet’s own interpretation. Prophecy has never been a product of human initiative, but it comes when men and women are moved to speak on behalf of God by the Holy Spirit.

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