Learn to use your God-given authority.



Time spent with Me is the best way to unpack new images of your destiny. This will be a great help to you because knowing your divine purpose elevates you into a higher spiritual realm. This is an area where it’s easy for you to recognize your ability to move beyond the things that have crippled your walk with Me. When you embrace this place of existence you’ll begin to identify the works of the enemy. Not only that, you will see that in Me you possess the power to overcome every obstructive and destructive force that’s been sent to keep you from success.



“I’ve given you true authority. You can smash vipers and scorpions under your feet. You can walk all over the power of the enemy. You can’t be harmed.”
— Luke 10:19 (VOICE)




  1. Needed that today. This includes ungodly music, for me. The enemy of my soul is defeated in Jesus’s name.

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