Change your mind.


Change your mind.



Determine which habitual mindsets and repetitive behaviors are bringing negative results, then remove them as if taking off an old coat. There’s no question that you’ve sinned and made mistakes, but how long will you let these things define you? You are 100% incapable of perfection. Separate yourself from every person, place, and thing that causes you to stumble; then you’ll be less hindered and it will be easier to turn to Me. Once this takes place you can allow yourself to be fully immersed in My presence. When this happens you’ll become amazingly aware of the fact that My perfection and redemption have covered all your mistakes. Do not be afraid because I will never reject a submitted heart.



“So then turn away from them, turn away and leave without looking back,” says the Lord. “Stay away from anything unclean, anything impure, and I will welcome you.”
— 2 Corinthians 6:17 (VOICE)



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