Do your part to strengthen our bond 💪


Do your part to strengthen our bond 💪


All that is happening is part of My master plan. Discipline yourself to draw near to Me so we can come into sweet fellowship together. Turning your face from distraction is your responsibility in our relationship. Doing this will boost your courage and accelerate your ability to move forward with confidence and serenity. Talk to Me and I will listen to you. Seek Me and you’ll find Me. I am always by your side.


“At that time, you will call out for Me, and I will hear. You will pray, and I will listen. You will look for Me intently, and you will find Me.”
— Jeremiah 29:12-13 (VOICE)



  1. There’s this so many times when I wanna talk to God, but I feel like I’ve been asking him for help too much so I think he’ll say to me. Oh it’s you again, but I have to remember that I can come to him as many times as I want, and he’ll never get sick of hearing from me.

    • He doesn’t get sick of you coming, He longs for you to come. That is amazing to me. He wants to know it all. God’s not overwhelmed or burdened by our needs. They matter to Him. And He has the strength and wisdom to, not just carry them all but resolve them as well. Such great news.

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