One of Lake Placid’s amazing sunsets. (Photo courtesy of Anne Daigle)

by Texas Stready

No need to start gossiping. I’m not full of myself, a know-it-all, or as church folks say, “holier than thou.” But I do admit, my life’s amazing. It’s true, my income’s leaving holes in the bottom of the barrel, most of my personal phone calls come from Mom, and my children don’t have much need for my opinion because they’re “grown.”

After a lifetime spent in addiction, a few years back I made a shift. I dedicated myself to the process. God’s process. Before I knew it I found myself amazed by everything. Amazed that I liked waking up, amazed that I could live without a man, amazed by my potential and the vast array of new possibilities. The next year got even better. I became excited about my purpose, happy to be living for the right cause, and astonished that people were challenged by my input.

There’s No Stopping Me

More time passed and I realized I rarely felt down. This made me nervous, as if some untold crash were waiting around the next curve. I didn’t like that feeling, so I changed my mind. You see, feelings are completely unreliable and subject to our thoughts. Because this is true I decided to start telling myself, “Oh, that’s just how I feel.” Believe it or not, that simple sentence enables me to let go and move on.

Go ahead and argue, “When you live in the gutter long enough…” or “Just wait till…” but I’m not listening. I like it this way and have concluded there’s no reason for it to change. Enjoying life is about recognizing the gifts you’ve been given. And one of my gifts is the ability to look on the bright side—so that’s what I do. Look at what’s positive.

Get it, Got it, Good

It’s easy to spin our wheels in the mud puddles of life until we become stuck—unable to reach our intended destination. There’s a lot to be unhappy about or disappointed by, but what you focus on expands, and that means staring at the good stuff is always your best option.

I mean you can be upset when you can’t find a size 9 on the boot rack marked clearance, or you can be glad you don’t wear an 11. You can be embarrassed that your car has to turn over three times before it cranks, or you could be happy you’re not waiting on the bus. Remember, no matter how bad your life is, it’s a lot better than it could be.

Different Means Different

I spent years of my life in bondage. Sick circumstances, disease relationships, rehabs, jails, and so on. I was trapped in my own thinking. My parents were tired, my brothers pissed off, and my children crushed. But today is different.

I’m not only free, but after three years of remaining this way I’ve published my memoir, Deep in the Heart of Texas. Friday is my first speaking engagement and Saturday’s my book launch party. Amazing! I didn’t get this way overnight and I can’t remain here in my own strength. I’m here because I opted to give up my way and committed my life to Christ. Now, when chaos rages around me, I am completely content in Him.


It’s simple. No matter what you struggle with, here’s how you get from amazed to amazing: Just keep walking in the right direction. When it’s fun and exciting, keep walking. When it’s too high or too low, keep walking. When you’re tired or bored, discouraged or unimpressed, Just Keep On Walking. And in the end, you’ll be more than amazed—you too will be amazing.

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