by Cathee Poulsen

If she said it once, she said it a gazillion times. Edith. Mother. Munner – as her first grandchild Buddy dubbed her. “This too shall pass.” I’m sure now, years after I’ve had time to think about it, it’s how my mother got through every crisis. All things considered, it isn’t bad advice.

Our lives are peppered with difficulties and hardships. If you aren’t in the middle of one right now, you will be before long.

  • Your best friend is rushed to the hospital
  • Your boyfriend just broke up with you
  • The principle wants a conference with you immediately
  • A co-worker told you your boss is interviewing someone for your job

Jesus said a lot about it. He also gave us good advice as well as forewarning. And so did Peter and Paul.

It's a promise!

In this world you are going to face difficulties. But…I have already overcome them in your behalf. John 16:33

Let me remind you.

There’s no way for us to come into the kingdom of God without also enduring many tribulations. It is necessary. Acts 14:22

Remember what I told you.

As my disciple, my servant, you will never be greater than your Master. If they persecuted me, they’ll also persecute you. John 15:20.

What can we do to cope with life in the raw? To survive our broken hearts and crushed spirits. To still believe life is good and God is here?

These are some ways you can come through the tests without being destroyed.

  1. Accept the reality of where you are at this moment. Don’t go into denial or overdramatize. These are two ditches that are sure to ensnare you. It may help you to journal what is actually happening and how you feel about it. Face the truth.
  2. Acknowledge that all the things you know about God have not changed. He’s perfect in all of His ways. He said He’d be with you no matter what. He’s working all things together for good if your heart is set on loving Him first. He is faithful. You get new grace daily.
  3. Imagine the worst thing that can happen and surrender it to Jesus. Doing this one thing will declaw the enemy. If he cannot generate fear and anxiety, most of his attack is thwarted.
  4. Don’t lose hope that things will end well. It’s true we are promised tribulation, but we are also assured that we follow in the train of a conquering King. Hope is your anchor so sail on when the winds rise and waters are deep.
  5. Realize that God will use the enemy’s plan for harm to bring good instead. Just like Joseph in the Old Testament. All that he suffered turned out to save a nation. It’s one way we get to mess with the enemy’s head for a change.
  6. Remember that this too shall pass. All seasons eventually come to an end. And so will this one. Humble yourself and trust that you have a Father who has promised to complete every good work He starts in and for you. Just like Mother said.

The Lord knows the way you are taking and the crisis you face right now. If you will choose to do these six things, you will not only survive, but the test you pass will produce pure gold in your life.



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