by Texas Stready

Man oh man, is this ever a pressing subject. I hear and understand both sides. Social distancing, mask wearing, staying home. It’s easy to see why no one likes these things. We, as humans, are created for community and these three things completely squash that deal.

The real question is—what do we need protection from—a virus or a mindset?

No doubt it would be easier and less controversial to talk about another matter. I’m no doctor, politician, media buff, or social expert. I don’t claim to have all the answers. However, of this I am sure, silence doesn’t help.

Express Yourself

One of the things that makes our nation great is that we claim to give people the right to their own opinions.

Do we? Not so much.

I have personal views and find it ridiculously difficult to understand how anyone could possibly perceive the other side of the spectrum as truth. But I’m no fool and this makes me understand that the opposite side feels the exact same way.

  • Is social distancing necessary?
  • Do masks help or hurt?
  • Does staying at home keep you and those around you safe?

All reasonable questions. But like every other chaotic or controversial subject the answers have extreme variables.

I wouldn’t dare say I’m 100% sure of any of it and, if you’re honest, you’re not either. What I am sure of is this, we need all the information from both sides. Our diverse questions and intelligent conversations are what help us figure out what to do next.

Take It or Leave It

It’s easy to figure there’s an equal amount of educated data that supports either view. Really, there is. The great thing about having rights is that we’re not forced to believe either/or.

I’ve victoriously survived and now risen to the top in life, based on my willingness to hear both sides. It’s an important practice that helps us get the best from this life.

If you’ve submitted your life to Christ He’s promised to direct you. But you must do your part. And that means to weigh your choices against what He teaches to be true while being forever sensitive to the Spirit of God that lives within you.

Live United

If the greatest two commandments are that we love God and love one another, then wouldn’t you believe that being kind, no matter what, counts.

There are only two forces in the world. Good and evil. Knowing this is true, means we must always recognize that we are in a battle. The best way to distinguish what your enemy is trying to accomplish is to look at what it’s producing. What’s happening in the world right now is obviously designed to alienate us and bring conflict.

United we stand, divided we fall. You figure it out.

Fear Not

Last week I traveled to Cape Cod Massachusetts. Beautiful place. I did not wear my mask while in the airport because I believe it’s not only harmful to me but it does not protect me. Part of the damage it does is not being able to identify the person or determine their reactions. Why do you think criminals wear them?

But I also did not lie to the airline officials—saying I was medically unable to wear a mask— when it came time to board the plane. Instead, I complied, knowing that three hours in a mask wouldn’t hurt me, and Jesus would never condone dishonesty.

Come on people, let’s do this thing right. We can beat them, whoever they are, at their own game. Let’s lovingly respect each other’s views while joyfully obeying the law. America, stand up! Remember we’re the land of the free and home of the brave.

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