by Texas Stready

Are you infected with the Coronavirus?

This seems to be the most prominent question on everyone’s mind these days. With good reason. It’s a serious subject that’s demanding our attention.

But maybe it’s not really the virus that’s asking us to pay attention.

As citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, we’re under the authority of a different government. One that possesses The Great Antivirus. Do you know that our King can detect and destroy any and every attack that comes against us?

Allowing your spiritual and mental computer to download this fact extinguishes fear’s flame.

What’s Really Happening?

God is at work. Even in this.

How do I know? Cause He’s always at work. This makes the real question—how do we keep from being suffocated by lies? Truth injections. They are what allow us to breathe in the life-giving air we need.

You see, God uses random, specific, and even universal events to get things done. Often, these advancements require isolation and deconstruction. Otherwise, there’s no room for healing and reconstruction.

Fully knowing God’s character. This is the only thing that brings true peace in the midst of these events. Matter of fact, if we trust Him we should be excited. When He begins to do things on a global level it’s got to be important stuff.

The God I serve is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all good. And when you arrive at the place where you’re able to believe this, it no longer matters if the Chinese, the government, or a bunch of Satan-worshiping pedophiles released this virus—God will use it to accomplish His own agenda.

Shift Your Perspective

I can give you many examples but being that Easter is just around the corner, I’ll use it. I’ve heard it said, “This is the first time in the history of our country that Christians won’t be able to celebrate Easter Sunday in church.” Although we are not prohibited from doing this, it would be risky and irresponsible behavior. So…most churches won’t be having a service.

How could this possibly please God?

Here’s a new view: Maybe this will be the first Easter that true followers of Christ (Christians) are able to celebrate the resurrection of Christ (Easter), in a way that honors God and connects us to triumphant life in Christ. (We are the Church—the Body of Christ).

Being separated from the frills and thrills of a traditional Easter service will help you recognize what Easter is in a whole new way. If you’ll let it.

No Limits

At South Oak Church, in Lake Placid Florida, we are reading through the Bible together. If you look at the first six books of the Bible it’s easy to see how patient, kind, and faithful God is to His people. Even in their pure stupidity. It’s pretty amazing.

The boundaries to what God can accomplish are not found in Him, they are erected by our disobedience or lack of faith. I call out to you, believers in Christ, to start acting like He whom we claim to follow.

Look back to Exodus 7-10 and know this; just like with the plagues in Egypt there is no limit to what our great and mighty God will do to protect His own.

The strength, cause, or effect of COVID-19 doesn’t hold a candle to the power, majesty, and glory of our Creator. This fact demands we keep our minds from being infected by panic and require our hearts be vaccinated with this truth—God is incredible and His way of doing things is magnificent.

He will accomplish, in and through us, exactly what He aims to achieve. And you can take that to the bank.

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