The Word of the Day is a Game Changer. Repeat the word three times before you read what God says about it. Then later in the day recall the word and God’s truth will return to your mind.

W.O.D. Haven

G.O.D. Unsettled and unexplainable circumstances are sure to create a sense of instability. However, I am a steady rock on which you can stand. Stabilize yourself in Me by remembering I am always faithful. The way I operate has the power to make available to you new aspects of strength and deeper levels of grace. Both of these are things you need. Trust Me and you will see that I can bring you through these difficult days and place you into a glorious haven of safety.

S.O.D. Psalm 94:22 VOICE – But the Eternal has been my citadel; my God, a sure safe haven.

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