by Texas Stready

Looking back at my life story it’s now easy to see how using drugs was destroying me. Still, I spent years convincing myself getting high would make things better.
I know, to the average person there’s nothing good about that life, but let’s face it, there’s also no such thing as an average person.
We’re all averagely screwed up. That’s what.

Addictions. We all have them. Repeat behaviors we use to feel better.

How do we get stuck there?
Bad habits start with wrong thoughts, and wrong thoughts breed wrong beliefs—and we live what we believe.

Mental Negotiations

Blame it on genetics, upbringing, chemical makeup. Whatever you consider the cause, as humans, we all find ourselves on either the plus or minus side of the thinking scale.
I’m generally on the positive side, but this hasn’t always been a positive.

How come? Cause no matter how bad it got I hoped for the best when I should’ve accepted the truth and stopped what I was doing.

If negativity is your go-to reaction, then attempting something different will always seem like a bad idea.

Why’s that? Cause staring too long and too hard at what’s wrong kills your incentive. 

Reality Check

A positive or negative attitude plays a role, but it’s not the be all end all. 
You see, if you’re looking at all the negatives about the truth, you become more and more trapped by the story you’re telling yourself.
And if all you tell yourself are positive things about something that’s actually bad for you, then you’ll get stuck in that mess just the same.

The entire truth, is in fact, the only truth. 

Being willing to look at ALL the factors is a practice that takes practice.
I don’t have the knowledge or ability to map out all the answers for you, but I can definitely promise you this: requiring yourself to consider what’s factual will make a monumental shift in your thoughts.

Take Stock

Viewing things from the upside or the downside is not the problem—or the solution.
Honesty is the only policy that brings true freedom.
The best way I’ve found to test my personal truth is to listen to other people’s opinions and experiences.

Lifelong habits and patterns can’t be identified as false by the one who’s caught up in them. This means I will never discover the whole truth if the only person I’m consulting is me. Accepting that each person God has placed around me has a significant role in my life, will help me listen and appreciate their input. 

The Answer

Looking at all the pros and cons not only helps us make well-informed decisions, it multiplies our hunger for what’s good.

That’s what A Radical Difference is all about. Looking at the whole truth.
This is also why I wrote my book, Deep in the Heart of Texas, with such transparency. I took the time to honestly open every secret and sketchy closet in my past so I could…

  • Identify what was in fact true.
  • Help you in your search for truth.

How’s That Working?

It’s a thrill to know that my story is helping others gain a new perspective.
The money donated to this ministry is used to help me travel to jails, prisons, rehabs, and detox facilities all over the country. It all so affords me the opportunity to donate books wherever I speak. Books that will be read and reread for years to come.


Below are some of many comments sent to me from people who have read donated books:

Kari: I read your book! and it saved my life! Thank you so much for your story!!! Your amazing and so incredibly right! I have 95 days sober and staying strong, I’m also a preachers daughter and I related to you so much it was almost like you were speaking through me. Thanks again.

Karin: I wanna say thank you for getting these books in the jail…I was so emotional for days after reading it…looking back…it should be mandatory for everyone who wants recovery.

Neil: I have been an alcoholic and drug addict for the majority of my adult life, 30 years plus. Much like you, I have tried to get free from my addictions in the past, but was unable to succeed. Reading this book has given me a new perspective on my addiction and the power it has over me. I relate to you in so many ways because your writing exposes the raw and brutal truth to the reader – that we will never conquer our struggle with drugs if we do not give ourselves and our fight completely to God. He is the one simple answer to our plight. I have been incarcerated over the past year and wanted people to know that Deep in the Heart of Texas is one of the most read books here. Inmates of all ages and races have read and very much enjoyed your book. My cellmate, an individual how had not read more than 15 pages of any book he started, completed the book in two days and is now encouraging others to read it. He says he loves the way you capture and entertain a reader with the truthfulness of how drugs slowly destroy everything they touch. Our bodies, our families, and most importantly are relationship with God. Every jail across the nations should have copies of this book available to inmates. Thanks for sharing with us.

Dianna: We were locked up together and I remember u writing some of this book in your little cell on whatever paper u could find. Being here again and reading it actually makes me know that there’s hope for my life!!!

Sandy: I appreciate your story because it gives me hope. Even though your writing is different from mine, I’m glad to know it’s not too late to get clean and make a living as writer. Congratulations.

Michelle: Your book is amazing and so detailed that it gives me the chills as I’m reading it. I’m reaching out to you because I also want to see what the RAD community is all about. Please get back to me. Thank you again Texas for everything you have done. Wow!

Jenny: This book got me thru my time in prison and gave me hope! I am greatly appreciative Texas Stready. I doubt I would be living the wonderful, sober life that I am now with out your book. Thank you.

Jennifer: What a wonderful book…I read it 3 times while I was in jail, and it has me excited for recovery. I can do this.

Lindsey: Loved your book. I read it TWICE it was that good! It got me thru a lot of the mental battles I’ve always had. Thanks.

Cindy: One of the most beautiful stories of redemption I’ve ever read! Especially in jail. A Must Read!!

Kim: This book is amazing. Made me take a good, long, hard look at myself.

Hickory Dickory Dock: I would like anyone reading this to know that this book is truly powerful on so many levels. It is captivating, entertaining and spiritually powerful. Again, people of all ages and backgrounds have thanked me for suggesting it to them and many of them have suggested to their friends and families that they should read it, to have a better understanding of the addict’s perspective. I look forward to being released soon and am looking even more forward to following Texas and her message at A Radical Her and this story are a true inspiration to all of us who are dealing with or have a loved on who is dealing with addiction.

Brandi: Such a good book. This is the perfect jail book!!! Lots of lessons I needed.

Susan: I could not put this book down once I opened it and started reading! Thank you Texas Stready for placing it in our hands at Harvest.

Chasity:  I read your book while i was in rehab & i could relate to it so much! Such a good book i made other girls read it as well. Thank you for sharing your story it has touched a lot of lives.

Unknown: Hi Texas! As the mother of a heroin addict, your book gave me so much hope for my son! Thank you for keeping it real & sharing your experiences. To God be the glory!

Jeff: I thought your book was very inspirational. After reading it in prison I decided to change my life for once and for all. I’m now in rehab with 9 months sober.

George: Hi Texas. My name is George. You probably don’t even read your messages from people who you do not know. But….I wanted to tell you that I have read your book Deep in the Heart of Texas while incarcerated. Not a fun place but it is exactly what I needed to hear God….or at least see His signs for me. Thank you for telling your story without fear and showing those of us who have read it that it is possible to change. Through God all things are possible. I had a hard time believing that…I am a show me proof kind of person….And boy your book showed me.

Holly: Excellent book I read it when I was locked up, totally changed my thinking. Thanks.

Lauren: Hi. You don’t know me I just want to tell you thank you for sharing your story in your book I was just released from jail where I read it 5 times. You helped me in my recovery, THANK YOU! Your story really helped me through the hardest time of my life! Today I have 8 months sober and happy as ever!!

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