by Texas Stready

The first five months of the year have been a whirlwind. So many places to go to; so many people to see.

Excitement, adrenaline. Pain, power. It’s all been there.

I’ve learned the hard way, I’m no good to anyone if I don’t take care of me. I needed to breathe…and so I spent the 3rd thru the 12th of this month quiet. Renewing, recharging.

Week Two

I was invited out to Arizona in September and rescheduled in Atlanta for August. I also ordered 2,500 more books. Victory.

There was a tragedy as well. Two terrible, drug-related suicides.

On the 13th of the month, I went to Naples where I attended a funeral. I was able to talk to the four children who are now without their mother. So heartbreaking.

I also met with the mother of a girl who has relapsed. I was able to advise, instruct, and bring comfort. Such a privilege.

The afternoon of the 15th I spent in the Highlands County Jail. At the JASA program. I shared my story with the girls there. I could see hope light in their eyes as I told them how many times I’ve been to jail and how many drug programs I’ve been in.

And look at me now. Wow!

Week Three

May 16th I met with a man named Aldo Guzman. He is the director of the Hogar R.E.S.A. program. This is a 16-month Christian program. They have five facilities. Two men’s facilities in Avon Park and one women’s center there, and another program in Wauchula. Great connection.

He’s actually working to put together a program where I can speak to all of them at the same time. But that’s not until next month.

At 6:30 PM on the 20th I was able to go to Naples and speak in a place that I’ve called home on three separate occasions. The St. Matthews House homeless shelter. This was a powerful night.

Not only for them but for me.

It’s amazing how far I’ve come and what the Lord is using me for. I am forever grateful. Here I was able to hand out the last seven copies of the 1,000 books I ordered in January. I actually talk about living there in the book. Such fun.

Week Four

Set up two new speaking events, in August, at libraries in Georgia. Nice. And scheduled the last week of September to be in Arizona. I will be speaking at a church, two drug programs, and doing a live radio interview. And that’s just what’s scheduled now. Be praying for other things to line up as well.

From 9 to 11, on the 28th, I hung out with the girls at Hogar Women’s Center in Avon Park. We laughed and cried, prayed and shouted. I feel really good about where these girls are headed. Can’t say that that’s always true, so praise the Lord.


I must confess, I need your prayers. This is exhausting work. Spiritually, mentally, and physically.

But I’m not tired.

I just need wisdom about when to say No and where I shouldn’t go. I know that God has called me to this and will also equip me, but that does not mean I have to be always available for everyone.

I don’t want to just do this; I want to do it well.

And that’s where your prayers make all the difference—a radical difference.

Thank you very much to all my supporters who follow me, give to me, and most importantly faithfully pray for me.

God is on the move and I’m proud to be traveling alongside Him.

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