by Texas Stready

Such an exciting life I live.

From month to month I don’t know where I’ll go, who I’ll meet, or when and if I’ll be able to shed any light on the subjects they’re dealing with.

It’s a challenge, but coming from my background I’d probably be bored without one.

Nothing could stop me from reaching for the results I wanted in that old lifestyle and so…nothing will stop me from doing what God has prepared for me now. Nothing.

Besides, the pure pleasure and sense of accomplishment I get now, blows that other crap clean out of the water.

I’m definitely Rocking Reality!

Week One:

On June 2nd my church, First Baptist Church at South Oak, called me forward for prayer. We’re a church who believes in the power of prayer and God’s ability to accomplish His will when we submit to Him. So on the 6th when they refused to allow me to go into the Orange County Jail, a place I’ve been on two other occasions, I looked around to see what God might be up to.


We were staying at the Florida Hotel, which is connected to the Florida Mall. This gave me access to hundreds of people. And so I spent all day Friday handing out books and telling my story to strangers.

Giving away 50 books in the day would take some commitment and stamina, but I gave away 148 books. No grass growin’ under these feet.

My story is a typical story of redemption and restoration. There’s no one who can’t relate to that. Not if they’re honest.

It just so happens that all the flight staff from the Orlando airport stay at this hotel. Without details, I will report to you that I now have ten books in England, six books in Sweden, six books in Switzerland, and four in Norway.

Each new book owner agreed to these three stipulations.

  1. To be a reader who was interested in the subject matter.
  2. To leave a review on Amazon once completed.
  3. To pass their copy on to someone else in their country.

Cool, right?

I’ve stopped trying to figure out what God’s accomplishing. All that matters to me is that I do what He says. And I did.

Week Two & Three:

Had no out of town trips during these weeks but you can be confident…I’m never sitting around doing nothing. Not me.

I have no publicist or office manager so I’m the one who:

  • Establishes contacts
  • Books engagements
  • Takes care of travel plans
  • Responds to all comments and requests

It’s constant work.

There’s day to day writing, formatting and posting on multiple social media sites, as well as keeping my glorious grandsons three days a week.

No complaints; it’s all an honor.

On the other two days of my work week, I counsel, correct, and confront all kinds of people who reach out to me. For example here are some of the questions I’ve been asked this month.

  1. How do I show grace towards my transgender child?
  2. My wife has a nudity fetish and has been caught naked in bizarre places. Should I leave her if she doesn’t stop this?
  3. My last marriage was abusive so how do I balance loving my new husband and ministering to the needs of my children?

I’m confronted with the tough stuff. All day, every day.

Things I have no answers for, making my dependence on God more than just a good idea.

Now, maybe you’re wondering if I ever feel like getting high. Well, let me answer that in the kindest way I know how.

Hell, No!

Why not? How come?

These answers are easy too. I’ve absolutely proven to myself that I am 100% worthless apart from Christ. And that was with everyday living.

Now I’m helping confront exaggerated issues with exasperated people. And I love it. But, I could never do this alone.

Week Four:

On Sunday the 23rd, I shared part of my story in Avon Park FL, at Casa de Adoracion Resa en Victoria. This church has four recovery programs in the area. I was only one of the four testimonies given.

It was an awesome time of inspiration and celebration as we joined together in gratitude for where God is taking us. I can promise you this, nobody throws a party like free people who were once slaves. It was a great time.

Day 28 it was back to O-Town. Here I attended a banquet I was invited to.

Although I did not speak, I gave away several books and connected with many interesting people who believe in my cause. So glad to have been there.


Let me promise you this, no one will invest in your nonprofit if you’re not willing to invest yourself in it. And being the be-all-or-nothing person I’ve always been—I’m all in.

Love you guys and am so appreciative for your prayers and support.

Big stuff coming up so pray, pray, pray.

Holler at you next month.


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