by Texas Stready

I’m finally convinced that what I’m doing is about more than a good feeling. Speechless. That’s how the whole process has left me. And that’s a big deal for a talker like myself.

Seems every trip I go on is better than the last. Not so much because of the area or events; it’s more about the influence. Maybe this will sound prideful but I promise you it’s not.

I’ve always been a person of influence—just not the right influence.

Until now.

I left for Georgia on 21 of January, the day before my flight. The reason I did it this way was so I could stop by an organization called the Prison Book Project. What I encountered there is worthy of an entire blog and so—stay tuned.

Take Off

Didn’t land in Georgia until 2:45PM, but I hit the ground running. I had an interview, of sorts, at a place called Talbott Recovery. A huge, cushy, recovery center that caters to many people in the medical industry. Yep, people of all walks of life lose their way.

The meeting went great and I plan to be speaking there in July when I return to the area.

By the time I made it to my first host house, it was 7PM and cold. So I took a nice hot shower and headed to bed.

Go, Go, Go!

I had three events on the 23rd: Abba House, 3-D Recovery and Celebrate Recovery. All three were very different audiences in very different areas. Still, the cause-and-effect of drugs and alcohol is the same. But everywhere I go the good news is The Good News. Jesus has already made provision for our healing. Yes!

The next morning was spent with some young people at Eagle Overlook Recovery. I must tell you, it was heartbreaking to see the desperation I saw in eyes as young as these. Makes me recognize how important it is for Christians to act like Christians. This is the only way our youth will be attracted to Jesus. Let’s face it, religion is not saving people’s lives, instead it’s scaring folks to death.

And I totally get how that’s true. Do you?

Phase Two

The next info is exciting, in a strange an unfamiliar kinda way. On this trip I was recognized by two strangers, and a family who I gave a book to actually bought my dinner. What? Weird.

But at least they’re not recognizing me from an arrest report in the weekly paper. Not a good feeling.

The next five days was nonstop.

I was on the move from 8 AM to 8 PM most of this time. No joke. Dropping books to high school friends who now live in the area and know movers and shakers. Having lunch with high-ups in the US States Attorneys Office. Meeting educated readers, who brought me to tears with their description of the importance of my book’s content, it’s relevance, and writing style.

Amazing when you consider, I’m not even a good speller.

I spoke at another Celebrate Recovery; GRAN Recovery for the men and then the women; Breaking Boundaries; and my favorite place this trip—I think—was Navigate Recovery.

This is a secular group of about 50 people who I really connected with. I spoke their dissatisfying language in their dysfunctional way and earned the right to speak into their lives. This made it easy to explain to them who Jesus is willing to be for them. Awesomeness! That’s what it was. Absolute awesomeness.

In The Beginning

When I started this ministry I did it because I had a feeling it was what I was supposed to be doing. I mean, you don’t live through the crap I’ve lived through for no purpose. Right? Now, it’s proven to be more than a feeling. Way more.

I have almost 3,400 books in circulation, I get weekly emails and Facebook notes from people who’ve been positively affected by reading my story, and I’m scheduled to speak to thousands of individuals in 2020.

It is the year of 20/20 (perfect vision). For me anyway. Cause this life I’m livin’ is 100% more than I could’ve ever asked or imagined.

Thank you God for forgiveness, restoration, and fulfillment to the utmost. YOU ROCK!!

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  1. Texas, you’re an example to all of how God can use one who is just available. No personal agenda. No looking for acclaim. No searching for earthly riches. Just one who lives out their faith by serving faithfully wherever He leads…and boy is he leading! It’s a joy for Peggy and me to serve in small ways alongside you. To God be the glory!

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