by Texas Stready

Definitely an upbeat person. Anyone who knows me can vouch for this. But that’s not always true. My mental state can get as marred as anyone else’s. I get scared, hesitant, and discouraged too. Emotions. They can get—the best of—the best of us.

This time of year can be great, or it can knock you on your backside. That’s what I’ve discovered anyway. Christmas and then the New Year. They bring a sense of excited anticipation and a mountain of regret, all at the same time.


Don’t you ever wonder how this “Living on Purpose” deal works? I do. How will I ever make a living writing and speaking? If it’s my “purpose” shouldn’t it come easily? Sure seems like it.

A Radical Difference has grown, and I’m proud and excited to see what it is shaping up to be. Remaining in the process has unveiled hows, whats, and whys all over the place. But there’s so much to be done and so much I lack. Not just financially. Mentality and spirituality are just as important, and every day I see how lacking I am in all three areas. Disheartened. Sometimes that’s how I feel.


Can’t help but wonder if choice is a blessing or a curse. I mean, if we make the choice to submit to Christ, why can’t that just be the end of it? I realize I’m not God, and I assure you this is a good thing, but often I think my plan would be much more beneficial to Him.

As best I can figure, choice is power, and as creatures who are created in God’s image we crave it. So God, in His kindness and wisdom, gives us the power to make our own decisions. Not only that, dictator’s aren’t known for there kindness and our King most definitely is.


One of the things I’ve taught myself to say is, “Oh, that’s just how I feel.” Feelings come and go, and can never be solely relied on when it comes to good decision making. No way.

Because I believe this is true, when I recognize my emotions are running off, my first rational reaction has become to start reviewing all that’s good in my life. Wow, does that switch things up. Make yourself a list—here’s mine.

Top 10

  1. I’m fully convinced that everything about who I am matters to God.
  2. I’ve been clean and sober for almost 5 years and have no desire to use drugs. Miracle.
  3. My family relationships are through the roof (in a good way).
  4. I’ve sold 700 plus books this year and have 44 five star reviews on Amazon.
  5. I’m traveling and speaking with three separate ministries and that’s not to mention my personal speaking engagements.
  6. I was given a red Cadillac CTS. Awesome huh?
  7. I have almost 300 subscribers to my website and a small but dedicated following on A Radical Difference Facebook.
  8. I get weekly messages from people who’ve been enlightened by reading my book.
  9. I’ve left approximately 30 books in different prisons in the state of Florida.
  10. My life and my ministry have been featured in two newspaper articles, two magazine pieces, and two radio interviews.

…shall I go on? See what I mean? I get encouraged every time I read this part of the blog. This is my purpose and it’s working—almost in spite of me.

Be insistent

This time of year is good. A time when all of creation demonstrates to us how we should behave. The weather encourages closeness, the animals are in a restful state of regeneration, even the foliage is shedding the effects of the passing year—all in hopeful preparation for what’s to come.

With all that goes on in the human realm, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle. My intention is not to discredit this monumentally important holiday season. Not me. I only want to help you keep your emotions in check. We don’t need to control every detail—more than we can handle. We can, however, learn to celebrate now, well. If we don’t, we’ll get beat up by the past and fearful of the future.

Don’t get carried away. Financially, spiritually, or emotionally. That’s not what it’s about. Don’t let your mind worry with all that needs doing or fixing. Instead, make a matter-of-fact decision to enjoy the simple moments as if they’re spectacular events—cause they are.


  1. What a wonderful encouragement Texas…. I love to see how The Lord speaks through you each and every day!! It helps me grow so much!! You are such a blessing ?

  2. I love your insights Texas, you are such an inspiration to me! Such a great timely encouragement for me personally. Thank you so much for being real. Love where you’re going.

  3. Such an important message, Texas. Thanks for reminding us to focus on what we have…not on what we don’t have.

  4. Learning to just be…not to gain value and worth by our “doings”. God loves and delights in His creations. As we accept our “being” and realize we are enough just as we are, we stop striving and find rest in Jeshua. Love your writings. ❤

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