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Too exciting.

This is my January – February 2019 NewsFlash. It’s new and I’m doing it for you. And for me.

So much is happening I can hardly believe it. I’ll be writing this article the first Wednesday of every month, to remind myself what happened and inform you of it too.

Near the end of December the Lord said, “You have 1000 books and they’re paid for, now I want you to start  giving them away.” “WHAT?” Seemed crazy at first, I do admit, but then things slammed into high gear. Wow!


By the end of the first week I’d graciously given away only five books. Not good. Then came the shift. Between January 8th & January 31st I was able to give away 121 books. And although I had no previously scheduled speaking events I was able to speak three times.

Now if you know me, you know I am careful with every penny. And so if you think I’m giving away books to people who don’t need them and won’t read them, you’re crazy. Not me.


Week One:

On February 2nd I attended one of the most beautiful celebrations of life I’ve ever been to. It was held in honor of the remarkable Carol Keller. Her husband Brad is an unbelievable people- person who is always about the Father’s business. Always. Due to Brad’s introductions and his prompting I was able to give away 14 books to various pastors and evangelists who attended the service. Nice!

On the 6th of the month I decided it was ridiculous to be traveling around the country speaking in libraries, schools, and jails and my own local facilities don’t have my book. No. And so…

I spent half the day going to all the libraries, high schools, and jails in Highlands County. I even hit the college and the hospital. That day my total ended with 33 books given.

On Thursday night the 7th I went to Labelle to a church service at the BullPen—where Justin’s Place Recovery attends—there the handout count was six.

Week Two:

February 8 & 9 was the Flourish Retreat for FBCLP at South Oak. My church. Seven books were given to locals attending the retreat and ten given to people returning from out of town.

On the 12th I took a ride to Fort Myers FL, because I had a friend in the hospital. When I arrived in the room and started sharing with my friend all that God was doing, the lady in the next bed wanted a book, and because her son was a local pastor and counselor I gave her four additional books to take to his church in Cape Coral. She was kind enough to give a generous contribution to my ministry. Look at God!

When I went downstairs to see if they had a detox unit, I was introduced to a lady who was selling $.50 used books from a book cart. Gave her five…and she promptly escorted me to the administration office. Here with the office staff gathered around me, I told my story. That all ended with tears and shouts, and three books sold.

There was also a lady there whose daughter runs a girls’ center, and drug program. There went the next four. So cool! My total contributions there was 17 books.

Then I was off to the Fort Myers libraries and drug facilities I’d found online. 22 more gone.

0n Feb 12th in the Naples area I donated 30 books to libraries, high schools, the David Lawrence Center, and St. Matthews House.

That evening I was given the opportunity to tell my story and encourage the girls at Sozo Recovery House.

Week Three:

On 2-15-19 I spoke to 10 women at The Auburndale Bridge. They each received a copy of my memoir which will be left in the facility for future clients. Many of the girls were at work that day because the facility can house up to 48 women. It was totally awesome day of tears and fears, excitement and expectation.  What an honor it is to be the one providing hope. Love it.

The trip home took two hours longer than scheduled. After donating two books to the library in Auburndale, I went to Winter Haven where I visited Hope Presbyterian, the library and the high school. = 10

Same places in Frostproof equaling ten more books.

And Advent Health in Sebring got five copies.

Week Four:

2-23 Inmate Encounter, Osceola Correctional event. This was an amazing weekend. Many people who travel with Inmate Encounter have separate ministries that visit the jails and prisons in their own areas. The Osceola facility was gifted 10 books.

Passion for Prison = 26

Polk County jail = 10

Polk Corrections = 10

And 7 other books given to various volunteers and officers.


Total two month distribution – 429 books.

I’ve already been contacted by a high school, two drug programs and four individuals about scheduling speaking events. This is what taking Jesus Christ to people that need Him looks like. Precise, pragmatic, and purposeful. What a miraculous life I have. God is so good.

Thank you RAD followers for your prayers and support.  Upward and onward we go.

This can’t continue without financial support. As little as $30 a month gets two books into a facility each month. These books are filled with truth and will be read and reread, by the exact people who need them, until the pages are falling out. To give visit


  1. OK , I see how you are a friend of Kenny Munds , so may I put you on My Prayer list ? I speak special Blessings for you =======

  2. What a wonderful report! Thanks for sharing how God is using you and how you go out to reach anyone who will listen to your story. I’m humbled and honored to have a small part each month. Love you and can’t wait til you come to GA in April.

  3. I’ve never been so proud to be involved with a person or organization such as yours you are tenacious and you are truly the child from the Lord God bless you I will work tirelessly to advance your agenda

  4. SO proud of you. Do you know how few people actually sit still long enough to hear the Lord’s voice? This is a great report!

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