W.O.D. (Word Of the Day) Hypocrites

G.O.D. (Good Orderly Direction) Hypocrites talk about owning your destiny, but don’t take the time to find their own. Do what’s required to remove the distance between us by realizing that rules and requirements will always be a letdown. Worshiping Me has no fulfillment when it’s done for the wrong reasons. Let Me teach you that real praise comes from being who you’re created to be and not what politics, religion, or society tries to dictate. Let go of these ideas and walk into a place of unimaginable reward.

S.O.D. (Scripture Of the Day) Matthew 6:5 VOICE – Likewise, when you pray, do not be as hypocrites who love to pray loudly at synagogue or on street corners—their concern is to be seen by men. They have already earned their reward.


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