by Texas Stready

Even though it kinda sounds like it, this is not a blog about prostitutes on drugs. My mom started a new women’s group. Brazen. That’s the book they’re reading. It’s about turning your back on the bogus you and encouraging the real you to step it up.

They read three chapters a week, then meet and work on their “Brazen Boards.” Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I joined up. All it took was the first read to realize, brazen is no underdeveloped attitude in my life. Per direction of the Holy Spirit, I forfeit my book.

Keep Your Pants On

Hussy—it means flirt or temptress. It’s also the first word that comes to mind when you mention brazen. I’m sure I’ve fit into this category a time or two. Bold and shameless, that’s who I am no matter what I’m doing. This attitude came to fruition in my life by a negative source, but God is faithful. He’s revolutionized even that into something good.

It’s easy to get ourselves worked up about things we have no control over. What a waste. Trying to figure it all out is more weight then we’re designed to carry. Even the word focus suggest we narrow things down.

Followers of Christ are instructed to dedicate themselves to Him. Otherwise, we’re easily misled and could end up in bed, shall we say, with anyone. Isaiah 61:10 is a beautiful picture of the hope, salvation, and righteousness we’re entitled to when we remain dressed in the beautiful wardrobe He’s prepared for us.


A popular saying right now is, “Don’t go gettin’ brand-new.” It means “Don’t forget where you came from.” This is a dangerous thing to do. We can’t get so puffed-up that we place ourselves higher than others. If we don’t remember where we’ve been, it’s likely we’ll end up back there.

What needs to be fresh in your mind is Whose image you’re created in (Genesis 1:27.) Our God’s promised to be everything we need (Luke 12:30-31). He’s the first, the last, the beginning and the end. (See Revelation 22:13.)

I mean, what else could we possibly need? He’s all that and a bag of chips.

Yesterday’s behind you, tomorrow’s yet to come. So why not learn to appreciate the details you find yourself in today. There’s much to be accomplished and becoming courageous is a necessary thing, if you plan to overcome life’s hurdles and finish the race as the champion you’re designed to be.

Line in the Sand

There are many defining moments in our lives. The choices we make are what prescribe our future. There is nothing wrong with being upfront about who you are, if who you are is someone worth being.

“Blatant” is thought of as a bad word, but with wholesome development it can produce a brave woman who’ll be admired—a heroine.

Reminds me of this quote, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” This tells us we can lose our footing if our foundation is shaky. What we stand for determines whether our behavior resembles a hussy or a heroine; one will lead you in a negative direction and the other helps you achieve greatness.

Only I can make up my mind, and I’ve chosen to be a woman of righteousness. After all God’s done for me, it’s the least I can do. How ’bout you?


  1. Thank you Texas…and I wish you guys lived back in Naples, I would attend your mom’s group as I have in the past and was always blessed. You have inherited her gift of teaching and preaching and I am very thankful for what you share! In His Love,

  2. Great reflections on base truths of which we’ve all struggled. Loved your highlighting of the truth I knew, but did not live out as a young person…”The choices we make are what prescribe our future.” It’s one many of us know intellectually, but, alas, forget as we live out life. I hope you’re able to share it and the repercussions of it…good and bad…with many as the Lord gives you opportunity.

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