by Texas Stready

It’s so easy to become consumed with the problems of everyday life.

  • Pained by your children’s choices
  • Fearful of our country’s future
  • Anxious about your monthly income or lack there of

But what good does that do, I ask? None–that’s what.

The only avenue to a productive party life lies beyond the gates of what’s good. Rummaging around through the trash of life, only leaves us in possession of the best garbage we can get our hands on. That, my friend, is simply not good enough for God’s people. We are heirs to the kingdom of heaven but only we can access this rightful position.

Take positive risks

As I look back through the years of my life it’s funny to me how I would swallow handfuls of pills hoping for the next high but when the doctor prescribed seizure medicine or antidepressants I wanted nothing to do with that.

Seems to me, as humans, we are drawn towards the more negative risks.

Why’s that? Could It Be Satan?

I want to learn to be the kind of person who is willing to make a fool of myself for the right cause. I mean it’s quite obvious—I’ve been a dodo for the wrong cause for years. What do I got to lose? Not one thing. And I have everything to gain. And so do you.

Don’t let negativity defeat you

It seems everyone wants a Yes-man, the easy way out, or at least someone who won’t create waves. As far back as I can remember the rewards in life have been found in unexpected accomplishments, not in the easy stuff.

Remember when you got Mark Montgomery to ask you to the homecoming dance. None of your friends thought it was possible but the smile on your face in that picture is priceless. Why? Because you overcame the odds.

Everywhere you turn in life there are roadblocks. Things set up to discourage and defeat. If we’re willing to look at things honestly, the question quickly becomes, “What’s it going to take to bring out the fight in you?”

Nobody wants to fall down but the race to success is never won without training,

and only failure produces the unction it takes to be a gold medalist.

Count your pluses

I personally don’t care if you sit around sucking your thumb, mulling over the things in life that have been unfair. Feel free, but know this, next year you’ll find yourself in the same playpen with diapers that no longer fit.

We’ve become self-proclaimed experts at sitting across the room and listing all that others could be doing better—meanwhile the crap from our own lives is running down our legs. Well I say, “Wake up 30-year-old toddler, it’s time to grow up and become accountable for your own waste.”     

  1. Wasted time
  2. Wasted energy
  3. Wasted opportunity

You know, stuff like that…

It’s your crap and you should be way beyond the point of sitting in it.

It’s up to you to do the work of climbing up out of the bio-hazardous material. The way I’ve found to successfully party through life is Focus on the Good Stuff.

  • Enjoy what’s right
  • Expect the best
  • Eradicate the rest

Choose to operate in a constant state of celebration. That doesn’t mean ignore what’s wrong, or forget what needs fixing. It simply means dance through it—appreciate what’s good more than you dread what’s not. How far you have to go can’t matter more than getting there.

Today is freaking good and I’m glad to be part of life. It’s a choice. Simple as that.


  1. My heart is sooo thankful you have learned this truth and it has become a part of your life. There were times I thought it impossible to reach this day but it has come and I a blessed.

  2. Your words encourage me to live the best I can, enjoy the moments and dance in the rain. Thanks again!

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