The Word of the Day is a Game Changer. Repeat the word three times before you read what God says about it. Then later in the day recall the word and God’s truth will return to your mind.

W.O.D. Horrors

G.O.D. There are horrors all around you, people who seek to discredit or destroy you, but in My eyes, they are fools who are unable to see you’re worth. I am your God, the lover of your soul, and this truth places you in a realm of safety that is undetected by the outsider. If you are willing to do the work of remaining in Me, every kind of evil that tries to defeat what I am doing in you will end up laying on the ground at your feet.

S.O.D. Psalm 91:7 VOICE – A thousand may fall on your left, ten thousand may die on your right, but these horrors won’t come near you.

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