The Word of the Day is a Game Changer. Repeat the word three times before you read what God says about it. Then later in the day recall the word and God’s truth will return to your mind.

W.O.D. Defense

G.O.D. Even when I’m aware of your wrongdoings, I continue as your defense. My grace won’t allow me to act differently. I came to be your forgiveness, and I live to be your advocate. I’ll go to any lengths to protect you. All that you encounter in this life is purposed to draw you closer to Me. You can gain a new perspective on your circumstances by asking yourself this question. “What is it Jesus wants to be for me in this situation that He couldn’t be for me in any other situation?”

S.O.D. 1 John 2:1 VOICE – You are my little children, so I am writing these things to help you avoid sin. If, however, any believer does sin, we have a high-powered defense lawyer—Jesus the Anointed, the righteous—arguing on our behalf before the Father.

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