Wishing won’t erase what was. 🌠


Wishing won’t erase what was. 🌠


No matter how well you plan or respond, there will always be things in life you regret. Choices you wish had turned out differently. But hoping won’t change yesterday’s results so stop looking back. Make your goal to do your best to move forward with determination. Doing this is the only way to fulfill your spiritual purpose.


“May He grant the dreams of your heart and see your plans through to the end.”
— Psalm 20:4 (VOICE)



  1. No doubt I wish there were “delete all” buttons for my mistakes. But the longer I walk with Him, the more He teaches me that my mistakes (and then my corrections) do not always have to be a secret between me and God.
    No one wants to show who they are, because it hurts and it is embarrassing. But there is freedom that comes with open honesty. Showing the truth about my decisions, maybe I can help someone else who needs to move forward. It is scary to say “I screwed up”, but it is powerful to say “And here is how God led me through it”. This culture wants us to keep that fake mask on all day. Pretend. I choose to be free instead. I only want to please Jesus.

    • This is a great comment with fabulous advice. What stays in the dark grows like mold. Yuck!

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