Use your power productively


Use your power productively.



Think back to times when you went after something you wanted even though you knew it was wrong. You did this by standing up in the strength of your will. Accessing My provision is what enables you to live beyond the limitations of your flesh and walk by My Spirit. You are stronger than you know. Commit yourself to follow after Me and refuse to give up when obeying the truth becomes difficult. Remind yourself that I am your strength and your shield. I will assist and protect you in times of trouble.



Romans 6:19 VOICE – Forgive me for using casual language to compensate for your natural weakness of human understanding. I want to be perfectly clear. In the same way you gave your bodily members away as slaves to corrupt and lawless living and found yourselves deeper in your unruly lives, now devote your members as slaves to right and reconciled lives so you will find yourselves deeper in holy living.


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