Use your power productively.


Use your power productively.



Because I’ve purchased your freedom, you now possess the ability to go beyond what has restricted you and kept you in bondage. Identifying this as true enables you to rise above the mundane conditions of humanity and engage in dialogue with Me. Any life beneath this existence is not living up to the potential I have awarded you. Yes, transformation is a process but it is not dependent on you. Once you do the work of submitting to My supernatural power, the rest is up to Me.



Think back to times when you went after something you wanted even though you knew it was wrong. You did this by standing up in the strength of your will. Accessing My provision is what enables you to live beyond the limitations of your flesh and walk by My Spirit. You are stronger than you know. Commit yourself to follow after Me and refuse to give up when obeying the truth becomes difficult. Remind yourself that I am your strength and your shield. I will assist and protect you in times of trouble.
2 Corinthians 3:18 (VOICE)



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  1. We all know there is evil in this world and it would be easy to say that addictive drugs are evil and addicts have succumbed to this and are part of it. Simple. But it isn’t simple at all. Addicts are victims. I was once an addict, before I became a minister of the gospel. Before I turned to God for help. That is the whole message of Texas’ Stready”s Radical Difference ministry. No matter how far you fall, God can lift you up. Subscribe. Support her.

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