Self-abuse is the worst kind πŸ‘Š


Self-abuse is the worst kind πŸ‘Š


When will you accept the fact that you are a work in progress? Do not give up before you achieve My purpose for you. When you feel overwhelmed, step back and look at the big picture. This will help you regain your vision so you can see where you are in the process. Being hard on yourself will never increase your faith. Remember how great My love for you is and choose to trust anyway.


β€œThere is a sure way for us to know that we belong to the truth. Even though our inner thoughts may condemn us with storms of guilt and constant reminders of our failures, we can know in our hearts that in His presence God Himself is greater than any accusation. He knows all things.”
β€” 1 John 3:19-20 (VOICE)


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