Look for Me.


Look for Me.



In this life, you’ll find yourself stuck in circumstances that make you feel as if you’re lost on the ocean. When this happens it’s important that you refuse to let emotions dictate your beliefs. The best remedy for this is to search for My activity. Once you discover where I’m working and what I’m doing, you’ll become secure in the fact that you haven’t been abandoned. Allowing your mind to get caught up in the current of My guidance is your only hope. Recognize My involvement and you will gain a remarkable sense of stability, even in the most unstable predicaments.



“Here you are scouring through the Scriptures, hoping that you will find eternal life among a pile of scrolls. What you don’t seem to understand is that the Scriptures point to Me. Here I am with you, and still you reject the truth contained in the law and prophets by refusing to come to Me so that you can have life.”
— John 5:39-40 (VOICE)



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