Let Me guide you. 🧭


Let Me guide you. 🧭



Depend on Me to give you the courage to face problems that need solving. Never forget that I am with you to strengthen you and make hard things easier. Any trial you face is an opportunity for you to learn a valuable lesson. All you must do is gather the information that’s needed, push past the leftover debris, and move on.



β€œI will go ahead of you and smooth the way, lower the heights, break down bronze doors, and cut through iron bars.”
β€” Isaiah 45:2 (VOICE)




  1. Seek Him. Two words, seven letters that , by themselves, are pretty innocuous. But when paired to gether they form the very essence of how much He loves us. God doesn’t want us off the path, in the ditch or living with the bottom feeders. His directives are all found in the Bible. Seek Him.

    • Simple. Everything about following Christ is done in purity and simplicity. That does not mean it’s always comfortable but change never is. And the rewards. So very worth it.

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