I’m on your side.


I’m on your side.



When you feel disjointed and unsteady, remember that I’m your solid Rock. I say that not because I’m a good place to stand; I also encompass and indwell you. Because this is true all you must do is allow Me to be your safety and stability. You can own this truth by settling down into the reality of My presence. Let Me strengthen you so you can stand tall without failure or shame. I have already given you victory over this foul world and your funky flesh. It’s time for you to do what it takes to enjoy that freedom.



“But no instrument forged against you will be allowed to hurt you, and no voice raised to condemn you will successfully prosecute you. It’s that simple; this is how it will be for the servants of the Eternal; I will vindicate them.”
— Isaiah 54:17 (VOICE)




  1. So many of us will shake our fist at God and scream “This is too much! I can’t handle all this by myself!” Listen to yourself. God hasn’t forsaken you; He’s teaching you to lean on Him. Trust your faith, trust the process and God will do the rest. Stay blessed!

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