I care about how you feel.


I care about how you feel. πŸ’



It’s impossible for Me to go against My word or My principles, but this does not mean I do not care how you feel. Remember this when you are disoriented and seem to have lost your way. Focus your mind on My willingness to care for you. Refuse to look at all that’s wrong and redirect your heart to seeking My face for wisdom and direction. I will faithfully show you the way and guide you to a place of safety. I am your Mighty Protector and refuge in times of trouble. I can handle anything.



β€œHave faith in Him in all circumstances, dear people. Open your heart to Him; the True God shelters us in His arms.”
β€” Psalm 62:8 (VOICE)



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  1. It’s going to be hard. You may have to pray a long time to get what you’re praying for. God is ALWAYS ON TIME! Mind you it’s HIS time not ours. God has been preparing you, equipping you with everything you’ll need to take into battle. May you all stay eternally blessed!

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