I appreciate you


I appreciate you.



I understand that it’s been difficult to keep up with the ever-changing differences in your surroundings. The heaviness of this time has made you feel groggy and confused. But the day is coming when the whole earth will awaken from what has felt like sleepwalking. Do not think for a moment that I have not noticed the beauty of all you have done to trust and remain consistently connected to My truth. Thank you. Don’t let discouragement get you down, instead, choose to stay at rest knowing I can make even this beautiful.



We are convinced that you are made for better things, the things of salvation, because God is not unjust or unfair. He won’t overlook the work you have done or the love you have carried to each other in His name while doing His work, as you are still doing. – Hebrews 6:9b-10 (VOICE)


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