Filter your life through Me.



The days of your life are quickly passing. Knowing this is true can have one of two effects. It can make you hopeful with positive anticipation or fearful with negative hesitation. Do your best to remind yourself that time is not measured the same in the supernatural. Once you fully grasp this concept, you’ll find excitement in the beauty of transition and the art of waiting. Life in Me is purposeful and because this is true it destroys the distraction of aimless pursuit. Choosing to rest in My contentment will remove the unnecessary heaviness that’s intended to pollute your future.



Matthew 19:29 VOICE – You who have left your house and your fields, or your brothers and sisters, or your father and mother, or even your children in order to follow Me, at that time when all is renewed, you will receive so much more: you will receive 100 times what you gave up. You will inherit eternal life.


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