Evil is everywhere. 😵


Evil is everywhere. 😵



Look around you, and you’ll see very little purity of heart and mind. Beautiful buildings and fantastic technology cannot mask the truth. That is why My people must make a deliberate effort to come into My presence and worship what is truly divine. Remaining in this anointed space is how I protect you. Abide in Me and I will develop your ability to rise above the things of the world and flourish in a different way. My loving voice will remind you to leave your worries behind and rest in the assurance I offer.



“Palaces and bustling cities will be abandoned hilltop posts and watchtowers will serve as caves for animals; wild donkeys and flocks will enjoy the wide open spaces. So it will be until God pours out the Spirit from up above, and the land comes alive again—desert to fertile field, fertile field to forest.”
— Isaiah 32:15 (VOICE)



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