The Word of the Day is a Game Changer. Repeat the word three times before you read what God says about it. Then later in the day recall the word and God’s truth will return to your mind.

W.O.D. Faint

G.O.D. Refuse to allow uncommon emotions or circumstances to cause you to grow faint. Instead, still your mind long enough to regain perspective. Even though it is impossible for you to understand all things, it is possible to remain at peace. I’m the founder and CEO of all that is; I possess the power and authority to allow or dismiss whatever I see fit. Knowing this should make you willing to do the internal work needed to grow an unwavering trust in Me.

S.O.D. Psalm 61:2 (VOICE) You are the One I will call when pushed to the edge, when my heart is faint. Shoulder me to the rock above me.

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