1. You’re so right. We can get so caught up on our vision that we miss God’s vision for us which is always better.

  2. Sound advice, Texas. Sometimes we get so caught up in out dreams that we miss the “better” He has for us.

  3. I just want to let you know how proud of you I am. I’ve watched you struggle thru so much and when I look at you now, I see an amazing, beautiful and godly young woman who is being used to reach people for Jesus who so few others can. I love you Sweetie!

  4. It is so refreshing to listen to your honest feelings and wisdom. It is always reassuring to all the rest of us ordinary people, fellow strugglers, that we can make changes, that we can let go. Thanks for the reminder that the love and sovereignty of God our Father prevails. Bless you Texas! Love your blogs and vlogs!

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