Author Book Reading & Receptions, Merritt Island and Melbourne FL

Texas will be at First Baptist Church Merritt Island in the Crossover Room on Friday, January 27 at 11 AM.

This event could change your life. It’s the perfect opportunity to get connected to an alternative perspective. The gospel is not only about eternity; it’s our resource for successful everyday living. All of us have lies we believe. If we aren’t willing to dismantle them and replace them with the truth, we stay stuck. No trap is more obvious or physically detrimental than drug addiction. My memoir, Deep in the Heart of Texas, is not just a story of entrapment but it a guide to freedom. See what the buzz is all about, please join me at 11 AM on Friday, January 27 for a personal reading, and question and answer session.

140 Magnolia Ave, Merritt Island, FL 32952
 For information call Betty Trull, (321) 243-7808

PromiseLand Church

Come and see where you can be. This event offers help. There’s much to be considered about choices. Why we make them, where they lead us, and what exactly keeps us bound to them. My memoir, Deep in the Heart of Texas, exposes—with brutal authenticity—why, where, and what my decisions resulted in. But more importantly, how I found freedom. Although no one’s circumstances are the same, everyone has issues that keep them bound. Drug addiction is just harder to hide from. Come check us out at Promiseland Church on Saturday, January 28, 4 -6 PM and pick up your copy of a book that will give you everything you need to choose different. I’ll also be speaking during the Sunday morning service at 10:30 AM.

1855 Lansing St.
Melbourne, FL 32935
Tel: 321-254-5777

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