Dave & Bev, Lynn Zipay -Tennessee jail & prison ministry, David Hampton – Positive Sobriety, Cindy & Daniel Blom – Blom Guitars. There’s so much to report for August I can hardly keep up, so I made you some photo collages.

Week One:

Most times my newsletters show and pay tribute to the people who are becoming different, but this month I feel it absolutely necessary to show you the people who are giving of themselves to make this possible. The worker bees, shall we say.

At the beginning of August I was in Tennessee. It was an awesome trip. When I’m in Tennessee I am hosted by Dave and Bev Ridge. Bev is a go-getter who’s connected me with some outstanding people. I will be returning to Tennessee in October to speak in several places, including every pod in the county jail.  Woot! Woot!

Inmate Encounter Event – 123 Commitments to Christ; 178 Re-commitments.

Week Two & Three:

On Aug 8th, David Hampton invited me to do an hour long interview on his Positive Sobriety podcast. This ministry really does look at sobriety with an alternative view. I like it. I like it.

The 15th thru the 18th was all about Inmate Encounter. This ministry is going through a major overhaul and all the benefits are showing up.

The first day was spent in the Volusia County Jail where I told my story to four different groups. It’s always exciting to see the light of hope ignite in the eyes of hopeless people. Nothin’ like it.

The next day the platform speakers and coordinators got together to brainstorm. Exciting ideas  and do’s and don’ts were discussed. It’s wonderful to be involved in a ministry who actually cares what you think. Jim Lynch, who is our new program director, is doing a phenomenal job. Thanks, Jim.

Sunday evening we attended church at Tomoka Christian Church, where they prayed over and blessed the work we’re doing in the Florida jail and prison system. Cool!

First week in Georgia

Week Three & Four:

The next 10 days I spent in and around the Atlanta area. It was honestly an unbelievable trip of excitement and accomplishment. I could never list for you all that took place. I spoke 8Xs in 10 days. Two were places I’d been to but six were brand-new venues. Outstanding!

I also made contact with and donated books to at least five other facilities. All of which have agreed to let me share on my next trip. It looks like that will be happening in December or January. No worries, I’ll keep you posted.

I have three host homes in this area: Doc & Peg Parrish, Mel & Harriet Guinn, and Cynde & Sara Beth Elbe.  All these are great homes with fantastic people who are clearly dedicated and highly motivated by the cause of Christ. How’d I get so lucky?

Second week in Georgia

I’m so pumped that you trust me to bring folks the Truth.  And I’m doing just that. By the beautiful direction of the Holy Spirit; where I’m going and what I’m saying is freeing trapped people. And you’re the ones that make it all possible.

It’s way more incredible than I could ever make clear to you, and I’m forever humbled and entirely grateful that God would choose to use someone like me.


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  1. Truly He supplies “above all that we could ask or think”. It was so confirming and inspiring to watch the Lord work through you as you stepped through all the doors He opened! We love you and are privileged to be on your team, all praise to Him!

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