by Texas Stready

Week One:

This month was a whole new experience. Talk about exponential growth. I’m experiencing it. And the best part? The Holy Spirit tells me it’s just beginning.

Sure seems like I use the word Wow a lot but…WOW!

My RAD activities started on the fourth when I went to visit a man in prison for murder. He has a 50 year sentence and has already been there for 10 years. I’ve known him since childhood. Heartbreaking.

I can honestly tell you he’s a sweet and gentle soul. What a heart wrenching example of what self-reliance cultivates. Ugh.

On the 7th, I was privileged to share my story with the men at Avon Park Correctional. Here I experienced a Muslim man begin to pray in the name of Jesus. I mean really y’all, who gets to see this type stuff?

Me—that’s who. ‘Cause my God is on the move.

Week Two:

On the ninth day of April I was blessed to spend the afternoon with one of my board members who flew in from Cape Cod. His son, who’s been clean for eight months, by his side.

Beautiful experience.

The 12th I went to a banquet where we honored the 33 year retiring leader of Inmate Encounter. It was a gorgeous celebration of a man who has given his life to prison ministry and the beauty that came from this sacrifice.

Week Three:

Day 16 was powerful too. I finally got to speak at the Highlands County Jail. Their Chaplin absolutely rocks. She’s a spirit-filled lady who’s careful to follow that inner voice.

You know the One.

After listening to me talk for about three minutes she walked out and left me there for an hour—with 20 inmates. Remember, I’m a felon.

When I talked to her later she said, “I knew you just needed to talk to them alone.”

And that’s what I did. I told ‘em the truth in their own language, on their kinda terms—and they heard me.


Chaplin Johnson called me three times in the next week telling me that no one at the jail could quit talkin’ ‘bout Texas.

I’ll let you in on a secret, that was Jesus, not Texas.

Week Four:

Doc & Peggy Parrish

Georgia, Georgia…and it was more than on my mind.

I could never tell you the detailed wonder of this trip, but it took my breath away.

I was hosted by board members Doc and Peggy Parrish, who both have powerful life stories of what grace looks like.

Absolutely loved being with them.

Phase One 

From Atlanta to Dawsonville was spent dropping books. Prisons, jails, reentry and juvenile facilities. Then off to three high schools and four libraries.

Busy, busy…

This resulted in tons of good contacts and appointments for my next trip there, which is scheduled for August. Yay!!!

Abba House. That’s the name of the ladies program where I spoke the next morning. Many of these women are court-ordered here, but are experiencing the power of Christ Jesus in an undeniable way. I could see the encouragement in their eyes as I assured them that this is the path that leads to freedom.

Abba House

‘Cause it is. I’m proof of it.

Sunday morning I had a 15 minute slot and a book table at North Georgia Church.

Many books sold, people prayed over, and I received prayer for where A Radical Difference is headed. Then lunch with the pastor and friends. Sweet!

Phase Two 

Mel and Harriet Guinn’s cute little cottage.

Mel & Harriet Guinn

Mel just so happens to be my printer and his friendship and support has helped me in many ways, including this one. The two of us spent the next two days trucking around all of Gwinnett County.

Same agenda, same success. A glorious adventure, I must say.

I also had the privilege of meeting his son, who is working to get me a few events in his neck of the woods. Sure do hope that works out for August.

Phase Three

Cynde and Sara Beth Elbe

I believe Cynde met me at the age of six, and I’ve known Sara Beth her entire life. Got to see Noah and his family and even Aaron. We missed you Seth.

Love the Elbes. All of them.

The Elbe Family

On the morning of May 1st I met Art Harris, the director of Breaking Boundaries.

This led to two speaking events in men’s transitional centers and a trip to the Gwinnett County Jail.

Art assures me he’ll have me on closed circuit TV in two prisons the next time I come. Super psyched about that one.

On the 2nd my Uber driver and long time friend, Jody, drove me to the airport. He’s a fabulous singer who travels with several big-name ministries. Because excitement is contagious he is now presenting his people with books and the idea of having me along to share my story on their next evangelical excursion. Big deal, for real.

Wrap Up:

Suffice it to say it was an extremely busy and highly productive month, that brought glory and honor to the King of Kings.

I love helping people see who Jesus is and what He’s about.

Forgiveness, healing, and restoration.

Thank you God for the honor of serving You. I’ll do it till the day I die. Promise!


  1. Texas on the move!!! YOU GO girlfriend! You are spreading the word, sharing your testimony, and touching lives!! Can’t wait for you to come to Arizona Texas!! Love to you my friend!!

  2. Glory to Jesus who has saved your life and now using everything that was in your life to bring glory to himself and draw those in the pit out of it and set their feet upon the rock of Jesus. May the lord restore to-you the years the locusts have eaten. May it happen to my “ lost” loved one too!!! Our Jesus is faithful. ❤️❤️❤️ The book is a true testimonial of Gods hand on your entire life. Wow!!!

  3. Love to read your blogs. You have a wonder-filled way with words. Simple, concise, straight-forward. It’s simply you . . . and Jesus as your heart and soul are filled to overflowing. Continued prayers for a very successful summer in Christ!

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