by Texas Stready

In the last two years I’ve become very health-conscious. Diet and exercise are a part of my daily routine. I hate to sweat, and my injuries cause high impact exercise to be impossible. This makes the lake my best alternative. At least 3× a week I swim across Lake Clay and back. The results have been phenomenal. I live without pain and am quite pleased with the form my body’s taking on.

Tell you what, an hour swim becomes quite boring when it’s done alone. Because of this, I’ve convinced many people to make this journey with me. On Thursday I enlisted Christi, Lee Lee, and Mom.

“Just jump in, already. There’s nothing to be scared of,” I say.

Lee Lee replies, “Give me a minute, girl. I only learned to swim a few months back.”

After a few deep breaths she places the noodle beneath her arms and jumps in. Impressed by her bravery, I smile. And we’re off…

Encouragement is Effective

By the time we get to the other side, Mom and Lee Lee are straggling way behind. Realizing that discouragement is making the trip more difficult, I decide to swim back and separate the two of them. Mom swims over to join Christi, while I put my arm around Lee Lee to support her.

Everybody responds well to encouragement. We’re moving now. A quarter of the way back my arm is killing me. Assessing the situation I make up my mind that my friend’s too tiny for such a fat noodle. To achieve optimum exercise potential, mine is very small. So I suggest we trade.

Don’t Stop Until the Job is Done

When I feel sure she has hold of my noodle, I take hers, climb on, and begin swimming. After a few strokes an eerie sense comes over me and I look back. To my surprise, the noodle’s floating alone.

I swing back and dive beneath the water. Lee Lee is slim and this causes her to sink—quickly. Seeing no sign of her, I emerge wondering if the noodle has floated away from where she went down. Taking in more air I lunge deeper. Nothing.

Then, from the corner of my eye, I see a small beige palm reaching upward. With both arms I thrust myself her way, grab her wrist, and pull her to the surface. I hold her close to my chest and say, “It’s okay. You’re okay. I’ve got you.”

If You’re Not Swimming, You’re Sinking

Here are three simple tips that will save your life.

  1. Hold on to the truth – without knowledge of God’s word there’s nowhere to go but down.
  2. Keep swimming – it is absolutely essential that you put faith into action.
  3. Never give up – following Christ requires knowledge, endurance, and courage.

Keeping your head above water in life, requires the same behavior as accomplishing any goal. You see, it was very important that Lee Lee do the things she’d learned in swim class. She knew not to suck in water and when she realized she was sinking she began to move her arms. Our lake is 28ft deep and the water is dark green, so after you sink too far you’re gone from sight. This makes clear that learning the correct concepts, taking an active roll in the application process, and refusing to give up—saved her life.

God Always Does His Part

There’s no doubt that God is the one who suggested I look back and check on my friend. It’s also apparent that He gave me the location, peace, and determination to continue to search for her. And if none of that amazes you this should—I’m definitely a pushy, question asking, figure-it-out kinda girl. The Christlike spirit with which I held Lee Lee makes evident that this was an anointed event.

God is good. He’s given us all the instruction we need in His word but it’s up to us to learn these techniques. He works for you and with you to teach you, but He won’t do the work for you. He never gives up on you either. Whenever you reach for Him, He’s there to pull you close in reassurance.

Lee Lee and I will be swimming across the lake later this week. If you feel up to it, you’re more than welcome to join us. She will be the one sporting the hot pink lifejacket.

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