Extra Weight is Sure to Slow You Down

The Word of the Day is a Game Changer. Repeat the word three times before you read what God says about it. Then later in the day recall the word and God’s truth will return to your mind.

W.O.D. Extra

G.O.D. Why are you carrying all that extra weight? If you hope to gain any ground, you must turn your face from irritation and refuse to be disturbed by what appears to be lack of progress. Take note of the people who have gone before you and you will see that the moment you submit your life to Me, My perfect timing is set into motion. I am completely able to bring forth those things that are important to your advancement. Impatience will cause you to feel unsettled and distraught. Place your trust in Me and I will bring you into a beautiful time of quiet faith and peaceful endurance.

S.O.D. Hebrews 12:1 VOICE – So since we stand surrounded by all those who have gone before, an enormous cloud of witnesses, let us drop every extra weight, every sin that clings to us and slackens our pace, and let us run with endurance the long race set before us.

Confidence is Something That’s Earned Not Learned


W.O.D. Confident 

G.O.D. You can be confident of these three things. I see all, know all, and am doing what will benefit you most. Life is filled with moving parts; things that you could never see or understand. Trust in My love for you and sit back. I am doing the work of aligning circumstances with My purpose, so you can proceed with the favor you need. Be patient. It is important that you not move forward until all of the pieces have properly come together. Remember, I am good and all that I do is for your best.

 S.O.D. Romans 8:28 VOICE – We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.

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