Deep in the Heart of Texas


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Deep in the Heart of Texas

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My name is Texas and this is my story. The daughter of a Southern Baptist pastor, I ran away from home when I was 17. For 28 years I traveled a path that took me to places from which few return.



This book is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

My name is Texas and this is my story. The daughter of a Southern Baptist pastor, I ran away from home when I was 17. For 28 years I traveled a path that took me to places from which few return. Unhealthy relationships and unbridled lusts corrupted my view of freedom and left me cornered in addiction—financed by crafty manipulation and drug dealing. My tainted knowledge of love and polluted desire for escape kept me on a treacherous treadmill that continually fed the heartache of those I loved. But, through it all, the One who loved me unconditionally remained. This is my unvarnished account of the years I spent running and what brought that season to its redeeming end.

45 reviews for Deep in the Heart of Texas

  1. Jenna English

    This book was so well written, honest, and very inspiring. It felt like one of the more honest portrayals of God’s love. I highly recommend it and will definitely be buying many copies for others.

  2. Eva

    I loved this book. The first few pages are a harrowing look at an addict using.The book then takes you on a journey thru this woman’s life and how she came out the other side and became clean and born again. Very inspiring and a must give gift to anyone and everyone!

  3. Larry Reed

    I really loved your book i really think it can help others who are going through some kind of addiction an how you overcame it with faith an family i would give this book a 5

  4. Chelesy

    This book was the first book I read at the beginning of my recovery and it keeps me going. Love it!

  5. Harelis

    I love reading, mostly fiction, but a friend had made a post on social media about this book and I was intrigued. So, I asked her for it and began reading. Well, I can tell you that I tried reading it at all times of the day, where I had a few minutes here and there to finish it as soon as I could. So many emotions are awakened when you are reading, and even if you don’t want to, you want to judge and be critical only to realize that no one knows how deep it runs except for the person living it! You don’t have to be a drug addict to feel, understand, and relate to Texas’ stories. One way or another, we may have our own addictions (emotional, physical, mental, etc) which could be far worse than opiates. However, like Texas did, a total surrender to God asking for Grace, mercy and guidance can turn one’s life around and become a force to be reckoned with, FOR THE GOOD! Finding one’s purpose may be the hardest task to achieve, but one sure to leave one’s mind, body and soul feeling content & accomplished. May God continue blessing you in your journey to help others realize His unconditional love and desire for each one of us to live happy and comfortable in our own skin. Thanks for being open, honest and raw!

  6. Kimberly lang

    So. I must say… I know Texas. Been on the inside with her as well. However this book was so transparent open honest. God was using her even when she had no clue. He continues using her to help people like us. And more. God Bless Texas. Your heart is as big as Texas. Love u. In Jesus name

  7. Phillip Jones Sr.

    Extremely moving. This book is both accurate in it’s street smarts and very well written. I myself was a meth addict for around 20 years. This story of Gods grace in spite of our constant sin is a lesson in forgiveness but most of all deliverance!

  8. John Vonhof

    Deep in the Heart of Texas is a hard-hitting, tell-it-like-it-is book about life in addiction and then the journey back to sanity. Texas Stready does an amazing job of opening all aspects of her life into full view for readers. The story takes readers from her conservative Christian background at age 17 into addiction, drug dealing, bad relationships, and danger that lasted 28 long years. Texas writes with all the dirt exposed. Readers see the underbelly of society and how people get sucked further and further into a life cycle of addiction and self-destruction. In the end, she was able to come out and restore her life with her family and God. You will not read this book and be the same—Texas’ story will show you the power of restoration and redemption. You may think her story can’t happen to you or someone you know, but it can and it does. I commend Texas for her raw and real account of her struggles and how, after 28 years, she discovered the God who loved her as she was.

  9. Texas Stready (verified owner)

    Wow! Sometimes when I read I can’t believe I actually wrote this. Way to go God.

  10. Andrew

    An amazing story about the power of addiction but just how much God’s love is greater and more powerful. Texas does an incredible job putting you in the front seat of the mind of an addict. And how God’s Mercy and Grace prevails no matter how far off the deep end you think you have gone.

  11. Wendy (verified owner)

    This book is a must read!!! It keeps you captivated from the start to the end. I caught myself laughing, and crying. Her honesty makes you fall in love with her. This book just confirms
    that no matter how low we may feel sometimes, God allways loves us no matter what..

  12. Sue Roger

    I just read this book and wow, Texas sure can write! It’s full of creative comparisons and the chapter titles are genius. Raw and honest with a win win ending. Woohoo!!! Way to go. A life changing story about God’s faithfulness and love.

  13. Juanita

    I’m not much if a reader but this book captures me from the first page. One wouldn’t think they’d have a “snowballs chance in hell” to survive and endure such a life of playing Russian roulette. This book leaves me with much inspiration. And an adoration for Ms. Steady that is beyond words. I will definitely read again. Now, as a matter a fact.

  14. Tyler Etienne

    Read this while locked up behind the same bars as this book. Every page was better than the last. From the nail-biting introduction to extremely warm ending…it’s definitely a must read for anyone struggling with addiction!

  15. Kathy Munson

    This book was so real and hard to grasp that you came out of your lifestyle. Shows God’s grace to the fullest. A must read and can help each and every family.

  16. Leisa S

    Eye opening, It showed that no matter where in life you started or where this life has taken you true happiness can be found! That redemption is possible. iLoved your book, and iLove you Nona! Never stop doing what your doing!!

  17. Nickie Davis

    I’m in the middle of reading this book and it is wonderful I’ve never been into reading an hate reading but I recommend this book to everybody I talk to. It keep my attention n I can’t out it down. I think Texas is an amazing person n honestly I don’t know of anyone that would be able to handle n go throw everything u been through truly and amazing women

  18. Jeanne Smith

    I met Texas at an Inmate Encounter weekend. I was anxious to read her book and was not disappointed. Very open and honest. Texas overcame so much and realized God had not given up on her. She us an inspiration. God is and will use her in a mighty way for his glory.

  19. Sam

    God has brought you through a lot so He must have some big plans for you.

  20. GraceNet Support

    What a great read!!! Thanks for putting yourself out there to possibly help someone struggling with the same kind of issue.

  21. Kurt Holter (verified owner)

    Texas Stready is a remarkable, amazing person. This book is compelling, sometimes hard to to read, always hard to put down. A testament to the fact that God loves us no matter what,and stand s by us always. Excellent and beautifully written

  22. Crystal Colón

    I’ve read a lot of books but never enjoyed them as much as I did this one. I couldn’t put this book down! Texas Stready is a phenomenal story teller. I could clearly envision every scenario. Her raw transparency is respectable and refreshing. I have a greater understanding of the life and struggle of an addict. How she overcame addiction and how shes thrives in life today is astounding! I had the privilege of meeting her and her light shines bright! I can’t wait for her next book.

  23. Bonnie King

    This book is riveting so true to heart holds nothing back.. Thank you Texas for sharing yiur life so openly it takes courage.. This book shows how satan tries hard to deceive us corrupts our mind and our hearts but God is always waiting for us with open arms and forgiveness. No matter where we are in life there is hope.. Thank you again Texas

  24. Lindsey

    Texas definitely writes from the heart! I couldn’t put this book down! She inspired me to remember no matter how low you feel you have all power to pick yourself up and do whatever it is you want. She has amazing faith and with faith anything is possible. I feel a special closeness as I went to the same school and grew up in an area she talks about. All very real.

  25. Mireya Vance

    Amazing, true story shares pain and details of drug addiction in a very honest, open way. Having known Texas Poulsen Stready since birth, and her family, I was shocked as I read the details of what drug addiction does to a person! Thankfully, God has given Texas victory over this horrible life of addiction and rescued her out of it so she can now offer hope by sharing her sad story to help and encourage others in the same plight. This book gave me a new understanding of drug addicts…couldn’t put it down!

  26. Carrin

    This is one of the most authentic stories I’ve ever read about the struggle through addiction and the triumph of redemption. Whether you’ve struggled with addiction yourself or not, this true story showcases the complete and unquenchable love of Christ as He pursues His children.

  27. Lauren Moss

    I find it difficult to put words together for a review on this book because no words can possibly justify how absolutely amazing it is. I read this book in approximately 24 hours because from the very first sentence of the book I was hooked. There are millions of americans who struggle with addiction on a daily basis and unfortanetly there are far to many people who lose their life to this awful disease because they never get the help that SO many need. It takes a great deal of strength to ask for and get help however it takes a special kind of strength to share your story with the world. I personally have struggle with a great deal of shame and embarassment since I got clean (June 25, 2012) and because of this shame I find it difficult to open up to the majority of the world. My personal experience has been that I am constantly judged no matter how long I have been clean, how well I have done or what I have accomplished since I have been and because of this I am only feel comfortable enough to confide in a handful of people. I have personally never met Texas however I do know many women who know her and consider her a friend. Once i read this book I felt compelled to reach out to Texas if for no other reason just to tell her how deeply she has touched me and what a amazing job she did with her book. “Deep in the Heart of Texas” is the type of book that EVERYONE can relate to in one way or another whether you are active in addiction, recovering, have a loved one who suffers from addiction, a loved one who has passed away, a parent or child struggling with addiction, someone who sells drug, i mean EVERYONE. While reading this book I found myself writting down “quotes” that were written in the book and by the time I was finished I had 2 pages! Every day i look back on the quotes that I wrote down and find strength and inspiration that I so desperatley need at this time in my life. This is a story of incredibly beautiful strong women who has struggled and still managed to come out on top. A story of a women who refused to give up and would not succumb to the horrible ugly disease of addiction. Ive always said our past mistakes dont define us as individuals, what defines us is how we pick ourselves up and what we do with our life after and this book is exactly that. The strength and courage it took to write this story is truly astonishing and inspiring. If you have not yet read this book or obtained a copy you absolutely should now, I give you my word you will not regret it and will be easily be the best $18 investment you have ever made. It is so touching and so inspiring that if I was not already clean when I read it, this book would have been what got me clean and that is NO exaggeration. Texas, thank you for sharing you story, thank you for being such a inspiration, thank you from our mutual friends and I for your prayers, thank you for being such a beautiful soul most importantly thank you for being YOU. I am so proud of you as well as excited for you to see what GOD has in store for you! I cant wait to see all the amazing things that are about to happen for you!!!! xoxoxo

  28. Sam

    I like to read on airplanes because it puts me to sleep. So, per usual, I brought a book with me on my last flight: Deep in the Heart of Texas. Exhausted, and ready to sleep the flight away, I opened the book and started reading before we took off. Three hours later I had to FORCE MYSELF TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN because it was my turn to disembark. If you know me, you’d know that’s saying a lot. However, since you don’t know me, let me expound…

    Deep in the Heart of Texas is a quick moving, exciting, journey of a woman who made some bad decisions, her living out the consequences and how she ultimately found freedom.

    It’s funny, powerful, compelling, emotional, fascinating, and lets be honest… addicting (*wink, wink). I would recommend this book – no doubt. And while you’re at it, buy one for a friend because you’ll want to talk to someone who is also reading it. Like… “Are you kidding me? Can you believe what happened on page 78?!”

    Awesome memoir! Thank you for sharing your story with us Texas A. Stready!

  29. Angela Pantoja

    This book is great. It totally keeps your interest the whole way through. It had me laughing and crying every other paragraph. It proves there is hope for any situation. A must read.

  30. Christi Harshbarger

    Such a creative and well written account of how easy it is to get off the right track with God and boom the devil just sticks his unwanted head in and everything just falls so fast into utter chaos..but no matter what God was always there to pick her up and look at her now…such a wonderful , kind, God-fearing woman…i would recommend this to anyone addict or not to dive into this and watch how you will feel and see that the Lord loves everyone even when you are so far deep in the valley you feel there’s no way out…but there is and his name is JESUS CHRIST!!!

  31. Ashley Koellner

    Just finished reading this book tonight and absolutely loved it! Started reading and couldn’t put the book down. What an awesome, inspirational story.

  32. Mindy

    Love runs deep FOR the heart of Texas!
    Wow! A very transparent story in which runs deep into her heart. I am happy that this little girl finally learned to love and accept herself as God always loved and knew the truth of how very special Texas was, is, and is still finding out.

  33. Lisa Stready

    Wow!! What a deep and awesome story.This book tells and shows the power of Gods awesome grace and mercy that no matter who we are or what turns our life has taken God is always there keeping us with those two life sustaining Grace and Mercy. Thank you Texas for sharing your story and keeping it raw and real. This is a must read, can’t put it down book. May God continue to bless you an yours, look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

  34. Alicen Schoolmeester (verified owner)

    This memoir is a riveting book that is hard to put down. It gives you a rarely seen view, with no holding back, of an addicts life; the ups, the downs, the ciaos, the remorse, and the repeats, all the while trying to hold onto hope. This book is also a testament of God’s grace and mercy which brings about true freedom.
    Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)
    For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  35. Ginger Whitehurst

    Y’all buckle your seatbelt! This is one wild ride! You wanna know how much you are loved? Read this incredible story of God never, ever letting go! No matter how far we try to run, or what we do while running!
    I’ve never read anything so real. I couldn’t put it down. It was like being right there with her, hurting and hoping for a change. Such detail in every sentence. Thank you, Texas, for sharing so honestly and without holding back, such a raw look into a life most can’t imagine.
    Wow! A must read!
    Thank you God for never leaving us!

  36. Carlyn Whitaker

    A remarkable story of a woman who overcame every obstacle when it looked like hope was lost. This book was so captivating, leaving me tearful at times and overcome with joy. True bravery in her story, and a great example of how God loves us all, even the most broken. Looking foreward to more from this author!

  37. Joan Lundy

    An inspiring memoir of the life of addiction. A page turner that you won’t want to put down. It is skillfully written in a nursery rhyme theme but the VICTORY is no fairy tale. It is real and unvarnished; it can give hope to any addict or anyone who knows and loves an addict. The answer is here in these pages.

  38. Sallye H Pettit

    Texas Stready speaks her undressed truth in such a way that captures your mind and you HAVE to keep reading! Her powerful story chronicles her life from a young age as she descends into the dark world of addiction and the gritty anguish and unbelievable events that go along with her. Her writing is gutsy and daring and captures your soul as you journey with her until she, at last, ascends and heeds the voice that has never left her. Phenomenal! You need to read this book. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Texas Stready, for writing this book and sharing your life. Your story is far from over!

  39. Kathy Munson

    I read this book in 2 days. Texas has a true gift from God in her writing ability.. I felt like I was right there with her. The Grace of God was so apparent on every page. She is truly a living miracle of grace and protection. My husband can’t wait to start the book. I have ordered books for friends that are going through this with family. A great testimony of Grace and just being real. I pray this book will affect many lives to get strength to let go and let God

  40. Jazmin

    I enjoyed this book so much, I finished in 2 days! My husband couldn’t get me to put it down! It really helped me understand what a struggle life in the streets can be. This story is good for everyone. It teaches you not to judge when you haven’t been in the other persons shoes. It gives me hope for everyone that struggles with addiction. Wether is drugs, sex, or anything else. Most of all, it showed me how important family is in times of need. TYJ!

  41. Marisa Stam

    An extraordinary journey of real-life brokenness and God’s grace. If you know an addict, have been or are an addict, Texas’ story resinates. And if drug addiction hasn’t affected your life, but you’ve swallowed lies as truth and made choices that left you empty, this story hits home bringing with it extraordinary hope no matter how long, ugly or damaging the struggle. Texas’ vivid imagery puts you in the story, by her side, seeing it all unfold. There’s no quick fix here but there is redemption and an acknowledgement of the process…sinking into that process and letting God lead.

  42. G. Polly Jordan

    Texas Stready exhibits a writing style which takes the reader captive on page one and does not let loose until the very end. It is raw with the most expressive word pictures using a minimum of words to convey maximum punch. While she details her three decades of demons and addiction, this story applies to any stronghold which keeps a person locked in bondage. For those who love a person currently addicted or afflicted, the book gives an “in your face” look at the struggle. For the one who wants to break free from enslavement, this is a must read.

  43. Kealy Griffin

    Found myself reading at stop lights, the car line, the stove. Couldn’t put it down. A well-written account of self-sabotage poetically expressed to help the reader feel the author’s narration. Though I claim no religion, I find myself captivated by Texas’ faith and how it has shifted her adventure. This memoir serves as an inspiration to myself and many others in seek of overcoming various vices. Five Star Rating, can’t wait to see it on the big screen!

  44. Patti Michalik

    I read the book in one day. I could’t put it down. I was so impressed by the author;how she could bring you into situations so clearly.It is a book about addiction and all the places it can bring you;but more importantly it is a book about God’s all emcompassing love and mercy.Texas’s message is the limitless importance of Jesus Christ as the propitiation for our sins.

  45. John “Doc” Parrish

    I’ve read many moving stories of redemption…we all have. But, this is one that defies belief. How could a teenager, a young lady and a middle-aged woman embrace such a destructive lifestyle and not only survive it, but ultimately find a victorious new life in Christ. Yet, Texas Stready fought her demons through all these stages of life, never giving up on what was her true identity…a child of the King! It’s a story not for the faint of heart, but one that will stir the heart. Not with emotion. But, with the realization that no one is too far removed from the graceful, loving reach of our Heavenly Father. It is a story told honestly and without excuse of one who was lost, then found through that incomprehensible redeeming love.

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