Cathee is Texas’ Mom and this is her journey.


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Honest and deeply personal, Thresholds and Passages offers a series of portals that lead you to the possibility of living an outrageous life–the kind of life that will leave you astonished. Each threshold, passageway, or corridor takes you deeper into the heart of God, who not only delights in you but also desires to answer your ache for something more. This is your chance to find the life you were meant to live. $15 (free shipping and handling).

1 review for Cathee is Texas’ Mom and this is her journey.

  1. Herb Paynter

    In Thresholds and Passages, Cathee Poulsen discovered that she had to lose what she had grasped tightly to find new meaning in her life and marriage. She presents her personal, painful, and touching journey into the heart of God; a journey to find the real person she was born-again to be. We all tend to pour ourselves into a common performance mold that we assume is our purpose in life. Cathee’s mold crumbled around her, forcing her to find her true purpose; this time not in people or performance, but in Christ. Her writing style is genuine, honest, and engaging. Her book is inspirational. I highly recommend this book to all who seek a roadmap through the maze of the Christian life.

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