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3 Ways to Control Your Pain in the Ass

by Texas Stready

This social media thing is killing me. They say I need a “following” if I ever hope to get my message out there.

A following? Sounds like some Charles Manson or Jim Jones type stuff.

Not my thing.

To tell you the truth the entire ministry dealio can sneak up and choke the breath out of you.

If you let it.

This statement seems true with most things we find ourselves involved in. Whether it all comes together or all falls apart, hinges on what we make off-limits.

Is this possible?

Well, let’s take a look at it.

Dog Eat Dog

Most of what comes barking at you each day is completely out of your control.


But that doesn’t mean you have to be out-of-control.

  • Something you desperately need’s on sale…but you still can’t afford it.
  • The boss decides he needs you…after your vacation plans are booked.
  • Negative feedback often helps…but that last comment just hurts.

What a pain.

But even when it seems you have no options—you have options.

It’s up to you to take control of what you can control.

Your actions and reactions.

That’s what.

No Pain, No Gain

I don’t care how whacked out you feel in the moment, there’s always a split-second for decision making. And gaining control over your decisions may seem like a pain in the ass, but the alternative is much worse than a hemorrhoid.

Take it from a bona fide wackadoo—it’s true. 🙂

Here are 3 ways to control your pain in the ass.

  1. Remember who you are —You’re a freedom fighter. Some have definitely survived more than others, but all of us have made it through a tremendous amount of heart ache and hardship. Remember how you swore you’d never live through that last crisis? But, you fought till you found freedom. Right? Ok then.
  2. Remember where you’ve been—No matter what situation you’re facing today, you’ve been through worse. And if this feels like the worst, be warned, it could be worse. You’ve come a long way baby—and you’re not done yet. Don’t stop now or you’ll forfeit the win.
  3. Remember where you’re headed—No dreams or plans? No wonder your achy backside has your attention. I’m not speaking of some far-fetched fairy tale, I’m talking simple hopes for something better. At first it may be something like a more organized living space. Start small and grow with it. Before you know it, you’ll outgrow your best expectations.

You Have Options

Boundaries are everything—with self as well as others.

So put some in place with your actions and reactions.

Here’s how:

  • Think the whole situation through, giving yourself permission to have any reaction you choose. (I’ve found if I make things off-limits too quickly it funks up my ability to choose well.)
  • Consider what your action or reaction will produce. (This makes it very simple to say to yourself, “Okay, I can do this. But that—that’s off limits.”)


Doing these things has helped me walk into a totally new space of uninterrupted freedom.

Freedom to love. Freedom to laugh.

Freedom to be plain ol’ me.

Now I’m unaffected by what others consider to be a pain in the ass. I can use social media, instead of being used by it. #ForeverFree

How to Keep from Getting Robbed

by Texas Stready

Went to Ormond Beach a few weeks back, where I spent Friday and Saturday telling my story to four different groups of prisoners. Endings stats—200 inmates received Christ for the first time and 328 rededicated their lives.


I think it’s safe to say that few people ever get to experience something like this. Having been where these people are makes it such an honor to go back. Voluntary Incarceration. Trust me when I tell you it’s the only way to go. I get to come home at night. Can’t beat that. In addition to that I get the wonderful privilege of giving undeserved love to those who’ve been robbed.

Hebrews 13:3a (GNT) tells us to: Remember those who are in prison, as though you were in prison with them. Spending a day where they’re forced to live is a fabulous way to walk out this command.  Volunteers Needed (

Same Kinda Different

You’re more like them than you care to admit—so let me tell you like I tell them. “You’re getting robbed and don’t even know it. And worse than that, tomorrow’s news report will tell you the enemy’s weapon wasn’t even real. So I say to you today—get up, already, and fight back.”

Each of us is quick to say, “How dumb,” when the report’s about someone else. But when we’re under the gun, intimidation and fear can cause us to lay down and submit to the wrong authority—same as those in prison. Then we’re the ones who end up held captive by the intruder’s illusions.

It’s not dumb. It’s a well designed scheme that’s been masterfully executed to take what’s ours and leave us feeling foolish. Remember, what I believe about myself determines my behavior. The enemy of our soul won’t be satisfied until we’re dead, and the “feeling dumb” part is only a set up for his next heist.

What Will Your “Bottom” Look Like?

No one needs to tell you the issues you struggle with. And on top of that, no matter how many times someone tells you, or you happen across some beautifully written online solution—no truth you encounter makes a difference until you believe it enough to act on it.


For example: you can have great brakes in your car, but if you don’t believe they’ll stop you enough to step on them, you’ll crash and burn. Hit bottom, as they say.

People are quick to quote Isaiah 54:17

  1. No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn.” As if we’re untouchable.
  2. But this only works when we apply the entire verse and here’s the rest of it – “This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their vindication is from Me, declares the Lord.”

Do or Doo-Doo

Servants are obedient, active participants and that’s what guarantees them provision in every situation. This is how you keep from getting robbed—become a servant of God. Not a slave, a servant. A slave is abused but a servant is taken care of.

If you’ve given your heart to Christ you don’t have to be entrapped by lies. You are a citizen of the Kingdom of God and you now have a choice. Will you choose to be obedient or will you remain fooled by deception?

This seems like an easy decision but please be reminded, servants are fully committed to doing the work. There’s always work to be done. That’s life. And if you’re not willing to do what’s required, you’ll end up trapped in a whole heap of doo-doo


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