Texas Stready

Welcome. I’m Texas. Glad you found your way here.

Author, speaker, bloggerand Jesus-loving wild-child—that’s me. But I wasn’t always this way. My memoir, Deep in the Heart of Texas, is the raw account of my 28 years of drug addiction and where that life took me. The good news? God never gave up on me.

Can I share with you the redemption that’s been extended to me? I’d love to help you take residence in the beautiful place of safety where I now live.

Nothing gets me higher than introducing people to the truth that’s been masked by circumstance and consequence. My voice is purposed to be direct, yet insightful—a loving reminder that there’s no such thing as “too far gone.”

You are deeply loved by God and He can’t wait to shower you with favor. Let’s ditch that lie-based thinking and pick up an alternative perspective. That’s what I’m all about…the brand-new, unstoppable you. 

You can do it. One step at a time, that’s all it takes to continue on the path that leads to A Radical Difference.

Texas Stready
Texas Stready
Texas Stready

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