Do the Work

ROCKING REALITY – living the truth on purpose.

Reminder: Do the work.
Encouragement: Living by faith requires effort. When adversities come you have to exercise your faith by believing I will help you. Don’t forget, you must ask if you hope to receive. Pleasing Me is not a difficult task. Although it may be uncomfortable at times it always brings the most beneficial results. Do what I require and your life will be filled with joy and contentment.
Guidance: 1 John 3:22 VOICE – Whatever we may ask, we receive it from Him because we follow His commands and take the path that pleases Him.

Enjoy the Trip

ROCKING REALITY – living the truth on purpose.

Reminder: Enjoy the trip.
Encouragement: Life is an adventure you should be enjoying. Your eyes and ears are what activate your mind, will, and emotions. Refuse to allow what is presented to you internally to cause you to become disheartened. Protect yourself by monitoring what you open yourself to, because your soul can easily be hijacked by negativity. Let My Spirit infuse you with hope, strength, and new life. Doing this will cause you to celebrate circumstances without question.
Guidance: Psalm 84:5 VOICE – Blessed are those who make You their strength, for they treasure every step of the journey.

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